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  1. My Good Sam Experience: 1. About 20 years ago I called for a flat battery. Truck arrived at time I was told (45 minutes, from other side of city), and on my way . No charge 2. About 12 years ago - Broke down HARD - steam coming from under the hood and engine frozen; no cell phone. After 3 hours Good Sam said "we can't find anyone to help you there, find your own help and send us the bill" (never did-see Allstate below). Called my former next door neighbor who drove a tow truck. No problem..... My Allstate experience: About 12 years ago - before good Sam incident - Broke down HARD as above. Called Allstate "we can't find anyone to help you there, find your own help and send us the bill". When I did, I got a letter back saying "we are prohibited BY LAW in YOUR STATE from reimbursing you." Ate the cost. (This breakdown required rebuilt engine and computer. Drove it less than a year when the second Good Sam incident happened; rebuilt engine had failed. Dealer towed unit 150 mi to his shop, repaired, and delivered it back to me. Sometimes you DO win!) My Coach Net experience in the last 2 years: 1. Flat tire in my own driveway. Coach Net sent 18 wheeler qualified truck and mech to change, 1 hr wait and most of that was his travel time. No charge. 2. Locked my keys in my car (oh, no - not my motorhome....I had a hideout key on it). Coach Net sent unlocker in 45 minutes, opened it in 3 minutes and handed me my keys, no charge. I think I'll stay with Coach Net.
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