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  1. Thanks Ed. Guess it will be a drive and decide at time of purchase.
  2. Currently have 40' Damon (Thor) Tuscany and are full-timers. Looks like time is approaching to consider less time on the road. Am considering a smaller 30'-34' gas as will only be using it about 4 summer months a year. Concerned with ride after living in our Tuscany Traveler. Anyone have any experience with a gas chassis equipped with aux. air ride? I know it will never equal current ride but does it help? Is it worth the investment? Anyone else have any considerations or experience, good or bad, when "downsizing"?
  3. I too had a problem with a "fogged" thermal pane window on the door of my 2007 Damon Tuscany. I notified Damon and they shipped me a new door window (free of charge ) which I installed myself. Not a big job if you are just a little bit handy. It will take 2 people however. After some discussions with others, it appears a seal on the double pane fails and moisture gets between the 2 panes causing the fog. This can be caused by people adding window tints to the windows or when storing, putting the reflective material in the windows to keep the heat out. The traps the heat between the window and literally melts the seal. While neither of these were the cause of my problem, seals can fail for any reason. If you are thinking of adding a tint film to your windows, read the box first. Most will tell you not to apply to thermal or dual pane windows.
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