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  1. rlaird

    Wait engine light

    What sensor in my 2005 Dutchstar ISL 8.9L 370 hp is the dash engine light connected to. I may have a bad sensor or probably a loose ground. The wait engine light flickers if I push the throttle pedal to the floor or if I hit a bump in the road but has come on several times when I put on the brake. I found 4 hot wires that needed to be tightened 1/2 turn. Removed and cleaned engine ground but have not taken it out on the road yet .
  2. How much coolant does the 8.9 ISL Cummins engine radiator hold in the 2005 Dutchstar motorhome?
  3. Air filter changed 631 miles ago. Fuel filters changed last September but didn't write milage down. I will change tomorrow. I always keep three set on hand. Thanks Rich for your reply robert
  4. Had engine warming up running it at 1000 rpm, hooking up tow. Pulled out on highway and about 45 mph the [ DASH WAIT LIGHT] flickered and stopped when i reached 62 mph. The light came on several more times on the trip home. Noticed that the 8.9 ISL 370 HP when flooring the peddle it did not have that kick it normally had, but it would run any speed that your pocket book would allow. I am going to change fuel filters but could it be a ECM glitch? Thanks Robert Laird
  5. How do you adjust the A&E awnings? When the slide outs or retracted the material doesn't line up. The material on all 4 slides rewind over lapping toward the back of the motor home. Thanks Robert
  6. My refrigerator is in the class action lawsuit. It finally quit. Will Norcold pay for the repairs? This is the third time to be worked on. All up grades were done. Over heating, burn wiring.
  7. I have a 2005 Dutch Star 4023 with 4 six volt batteries. Want to install a residential refrigerator. Looking for AGM 6 volt batteries for a decent price and Sam's is all sold out. I measured the battery compartment and could install 3 AGM 12 volt batteries in parallel for house batteries. Would this work as well as 4, 6 volt batteries in series with my 2000 watt Xantrex?
  8. rlaird


    I would like to rebuild my Liteco fluorescent lights model 179 , 12 volt (2005 dutch star m.h.) Where can I purchase the LED parts? Thanks robert laird
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