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    My wife, Olene, and I like to travel in our Monaco Cayman. Most trips are local due to time remodeling houses. We travel with 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a Cockatiel.
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  1. I tow a 2012 Chevy Equinox and have the same wobble problem as the Terrain. I wonder if anyone makes a unit like SteerSafe that helps with motor home steering. It seems like anything that would dampen the attempt to wobble would stop the problem.
  2. I have a 2006 Monaco Cayman with a couple of ongoing problems. 1. My valve at the propane tank is not letting gas flow. I can hear the solenoid but don't know if the valve is opening. Does the valve open by pulling the plunger out or by pushing in? I found a replacement valve but how can I drain 3/4 tank of gas safely? Contacted several local Propane dealers the dealer I bought the coach from. They don't have a solution other than drain through relief valve at fill sight. 2, I had a battery ground to chassis and now have an ERROR 1 notice on my mileage indicator. I have found on other forums solution to hold reset button(s) and cycle key 7 times. I only have one button. Is there a reset on the back if I remove instrument cluster? Got any other solution?
  3. TMCS(SS)(DV) Bill Robinson USS Menhaden (SS377) 1961/1963 USS Grenadier (SS525) 1965/1969 While stationed in Galveston TX as recruiter, helped get USS Cavalla installed in USS Seawolf Park. Retired 1982 last duty was Chief Recruiter REDCOM 10 New Orleans
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