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  1. Rich, I pulled the inverter and proceeded as you advised. Bypassed through an extra circuit breaker worked fine to get shore power to the coach. I'm now in the process of troubleshooting the 458. I'm beginning to think the big relay is shot and that may not be fixable. All interior fuses were ok. Let me thank you for all your time and advice. It's great knowing someone is willing to take the time as you have to help a newbie. Thanks VERY much Rich, Don
  2. Rich, one more question!!! When removing the 458, can I bypass it by connecting the input 120 to the output 120 wires, just like the 458 was not there. That way I would have 120 in the coach when plugged in to shore power ??? I would keep the house batteries charged with the engine if needed. Is this possible ?? Thanks, Don
  3. Sounds like I need to take the inverter out and check that fuse. I just metered across the circuit breaker in the main panel for the 458 and have 121V with the charger off and on. I do have the service manual for the 458 which I found on the internet. I recall reading about a small fuse on one of the two circuit boards that if its blown, the charger will not work. I will pull the 458 and go for that fuse when I can. I will keep you posted. Thanks again Rich, Don
  4. Rich, I believe that box at the shore end of the cable is the Lyght LPT 50CA Transfer switch. That was the first place I went. That looks new and is working great. Tested w/meter and 240V in and 240V back out and into the coach. The circuit breaker boxes are 1) The big One... 50AMP Main: with A/C, Water Heater, Inverter, Washer-Dryer, Ref, Block Heater and Freezer 2) Small one 30AMP Main: with Microwave, Appliances and Lights Between the two circuit breaker boxes is a block or bank of 14 automotive style fuses. I have pulled all and they appear OK. None are or at least don't seem to be related to the inverter. New Batteries are hanging in at 12.4V based on the Heart Interface Remote Control Panel. As you may recall, the Remote control LED is showing AC into the inverter. Power Share LEDs on the panel are Showing 50 Incoming Breaker AMPS, Inverter Off as I'm hooked to shore. I have not been able to run some of the battery checks as it has been raining cats and dogs with plenty of lightning. Typical FL summer WX. Thanks Rich for your time. I have noted from lots of older posts you have helped many people with issues. Don W3WW
  5. Rich, Is the J Box a Junction Box? Where is that ?? I've got 2 circut breaker boxes in the coach over the bed in rear. One looks like a residential unit and one looks a tad smaller.
  6. Hi Rich, Thank you for the check list. I will go through it as soon as I am able. I have to work today so it will be tonight or tomorrow. Can I check the power to the 458 by removing the bottom front panel on the 458 and doing a direct check at the 120 line going into it? It appears like the relay is not working that should switch from inverter 120 to shore or generator 120 inside the coach. All appliances and outlets work well until I inject shore or generator power. I do not have a reel for the power cord. Coach is plugged into a 50 amp outlet that I had an electrician install several years ago. It checks out fine. Last night with the A/C running and nothing else (Central A/C from 220 I presume) I think only the thermostat draws from the batteries. The voltage at the batteries is down to 12.4. Was 12.7 when installed. Normal ? I did get the manual, thank you. I also have the original manual from the Freedom 458 Inverter/Charger. Thanks Rich, Don
  7. Today I purchased and installed 4 new house batteries as 2 older Crown batteries were in below average to poor condition. Now the inverter inverts great, everything works with 110 to the wall outlets. As soon as I crank up the generator all goes dead after about 5 seconds. Plugging into the shore power, inverter still works great until I engage the charger then all goes dead. Looks like I have no AC power to the inverter. I've checked all circuit breakers and the fuse on the front of the 458 Combi Inverter/Charger (only have one on this model). Is it possible the charger part of the 458 is shot? Is it possible to have a loose wire or am I looking in the wrong direction ?? Is there a bypass relay in the Inverter ? Where does the 220 coming in convert to 120 ?? I checked the transfer relays and 220 in and 220 going out to the coach. Sorry for all the questions, but I'm really stumped. Thanks, Don Mohney
  8. Hello Brett & Rich, Thank you for the information. I checked (flipped) all circuit breakers and none seemed open. The fuse on the front of the 458 was not "pushed out" or did not need re-set. The central A/C works with shore power. It works with shore power until voltage drops, which I believe causes the wall thermostat to give up. Refrigerator works on Electric until the voltage drops below 10.0 on batteries. I checked the big fuse with a Multi Meter and from each side of the fuse to ground was 12.7 Volts thus I presume it is OK. ( that was after charging the batteries from the engine alternator). At that point I checked each of the four batteries and they each were at 5.97 Volts. After 8 hours two were at 5.65 and two were at 3.85 Volts. Total was around 9.5 at the point of going to the inverter/coach. The Heart Interface Panel in the coach was also showing 9.5. I took the battery cable covers off the inverter/charger and noted 9.5 with the charger on and off. The green charge light was working on the front of the 458, no red lights. The Interface panel inside was showing the charger was on and working. Would two possibly bad batteries out of 4 cause the charger to not function. I am going out now and run the engine and charge the batteries turn on the inverter and check for 120 at the outlets. It seems we have not had 120 in the coach since the charger stopped functioning. Thanks Again for the Help, And, yes Rich, I am a Ham Radio Operator ( W3WW ) Don Mohney
  9. Hello Group, I apologize for the questions. This is my first post and out of desperation. I have a 2000 Dutch Star 38' Cat Engine on a Freightliner Chassis. Newer Lyght LPT-50 Transfer Switch, Freedom 458 20D Heart Combi inverter/charger with the Heart Interface Remote Control Panel. My problem is: Batteries will not charge from inverter/charger on 50AMP shore power or Generator. They will charge from running the engine via the alternator. Last night batteries were at 7.8 volts and running engine 15 minutes brought them up to 12.8. This morning 12 hours later they were at 11.7 with only the systems I don't know about running. I shut everything down except I did not put it in storage mode. The remote control panel says all is ok. When hooked to shore power control panel far right LED says 50 amps incoming breaker, on far left AC IN LED on, charger light on. On the front of inverter green charge light is on. Checked all circuit breakers and no apparent problem there. Battery state shows correctly on panel. Could the huge fuse between the charger/inverter be blown ?? How would I check it ? That fuse is between the charger and battery bank ( Four Newer- 2 year old Crown 6V in series ) . This fuse is behind the batteries bolted to the wall directly behind the Batteries. I have cleaned most of the battery terminals particularly the one tied to the charger. They are all tight and clean. I thought I may have had a bad battery cell, but now I'm not so sure. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks, Don Mohney
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