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  1. 6/15/2019 recapp --- After road testing and being left beside the road and being towed to Cummings in Savannah Ga, waiting 5 days to be looked at and several days diagnosing (over Memorial Day Weekend) several diagnosis came back different each time. Finally the High Pressure Pump was singled out , from line from tank to engine bad, tank bad, and several other conditions Pump was installed total bill: Labor $3924.00 Parts Misc Charges $4620 = $8544.00. This is after paying $900.00 to local mechanic who gave up doing nothing to help and suggested taking to Cummins. What an experence and at least I hope its fixed as only 50 miles put on so far. After all this my house batteries failed completely and just up graded to AGM's from Flooded Lead Batteries. Also tow guys ran air to Coach and having trouble with air bags now eratic so more diagnostic in process.
  2. 5/23/2019 -After being towed , at Cummins South Repair Shop in Savannah, Ga for nearly a week, reported today have bad Fuel Tank causing fuel restriction. --"What" -- Waiting on conclusion of price, getting tank, and time --
  3. It has been mostly still about a year maby little longer -- RV Resort I live at requires 90 day turn around (go out gate and come back in) - and I have had a couple of 100 mile trips (evacuation for hurricane) and home trip once. F'uel was added last trip and now have little above 1/2 tank. I don't know about his ability to pull ECM codes yet, will find out when he gets here. I noticed on trip little stumble on acceleration after reaching cruise speed and learned to barely easy fuel by accelerator worked,better but it always worked at cruise speed, and was towing Ford Explorer, not at lower speed kkor idle speed like its doing now. No engine lights or warnings lights have ever come on.
  4. not yet -- maby next step when Mechanic comes back. After fuel was filtered and chemical added tried to drive and still doing same thing, so he is coming back.
  5. Thanks -- Mobil Mechanic here at our Resort has pump with filter - we pumped out one side of fuel tank side to other side fuel tank side through his filter on machine. He is coming back when he can and we'll go further with diagnostics. Will post again after that so Thanks for all the info so far.
  6. Thanks -- will check -- Only check I can do sitting still is pull up on pedal so I did that and it seems OK
  7. 2004 Monaco Dynasty 400 Cummins ISL engine idles fine but won't run when acceleration -- just dies back to idle -- can barely touch accelerator and get some acceleration sometimes only to die again. MotorHome has old fuel and has been recycled through filter and put back in and changed both Fuel Filter and Water Separator and Algae chemical put in fuel tank.
  8. jkhac

    Boon Docking

    https://freecampsites.net/ Newbe on ya'lls site here but been around a bit and found the freecampsites.net to be pretty good spot for finding low cost and free with great reviews. fmca: f174797 Just went from my 91 Safari Serengitti to 2004 Monaco Dynasty and looking forward to getting back on Travel after my 96 yr old Father passed away. who I've been careing for for the last several years. Hope to "See Ya Down the Road"
  9. Safari International Pre Perry Rally 2009
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