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  1. I have the 2018 Cherokee Latitude with Active Drive II and I have had the wiring kit for towing installed. I have several questions and am hopeful that someone can help me with the answers. 1. I have the Brake Buddy Stealth system installed and it has a battery maintainer for the brake system. My question is will the battery maintainer be enough for both the brake system and the flat towing kit for the electric steering in the Jeep? My understanding is that if you drive/tow for more than 3 hours, the battery will run down. I am hoping the battery maintainer will take care of that. I hope someone on this forum has a similar set up and can advise me. I have had conflicting answers on this one. 2. If I have the need to run the Jeep while at a rest stop can I just start the Jeep's engine or do I have to reverse the steps needed for activating the wiring kit before starting the engine? I know that I have to reverse the steps when parked overnight which is a nuisance but not difficult. Any advice will be appreciated. Carol
  2. I just had the flat tow wiring kit installed yesterday, so I have not had a chance to use it yet. It seems easy and yet it seems hokey to me. I traded my perfectly good 2012 Honda CRV for the 2018 Cherokee Latitude Plus. Having had 2 Grand Cherokees in my lifetime, I figured the Jeep is the best product on the market for towing. Not any longer. I had no idea that I needed the Kit until late in the sale process. So I figured Jeep will make it good with the kit. WRONG!! First of all, my dealer did not have the part/kit and had to search for one and one was found. Mopar is evidently back logged with orders. One was found and after an additional $436 plus tax, I am set to go .... I think. Yes, I paid for it like a dummy. The 'fix' seems easy enough but it is one more thing to do. There is a switch now located in the compartment between the front seats which needs to be switched on and then the procedure calls for inserting a 10 amp fuse which is located under the hood. I hate lifting the hood to insert a fuse and having to remove the fuse each overnight stop and re inserting the fuse in the morning. This must be done because it will drain the battery if the fuse is left in. I have a question for anyone who is in the know. If I have a battery charger or maintainer, do I need to pull the fuse at each overnight stay or can I just leave it alone until I reach my destination. I have the Stealth brake system and it has a battery maintainer because of the brake system so I am thinking that having the maintainer will keep the battery charged enough that I can leave the fuse installed. Any suggestions? I appreciate your input. Carol
  3. I have the Stealth and have had it for close to 2 years and really like it. My only problem is that it is hard (for me) to connect to the 7 pin connector. It takes a lot of strength for me who has hardly any strength. I had been using a bungie cord to ensure that it would stay connected and that has worked for me. So the last time, I had my neighbor connect it for me and from now on I will leave it connected and wrap the coil around the tow bar when not in use. At any rate after using the original Brake Buddy for many years I decided to get the Stealth and have not been sorry. I am in the process of having the Stealth moved from the Honda CRV to the Jeep Cherokee Latitude that I just purchased. Fingers crossed that the installer doesn't run into problems. The one problem I see is that maybe the Stealth box will not fit under the Cherokee's drivers seat. It fit well on the CRV but the Cherokee has so much "stuff" under the power seat that there may not be room. If that happens, I guess it will have to go into the cargo area. Oh well.
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