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  1. I am one of the low posting members, but I do try to read often, and do make use of information I gain, helping others with similar problems in another group I spend most of my time administering. Often (at least in my group) a newbie question gets asked leaving out information needed to properly respond, or asked in terms no one but the newbie understands, which generally requires having to ask questions of the poster in order to attempt to get them good information. Sometimes multiple well meaning responses are given, with possible solutions, with each a distinct possibility, and the original poster either fails to ever advise the problem is resolved, or simply responds that it has been resolved, but no one knows which of the dozen or so answers was the key to the solution, and other owners who believe they have the same problem have to go through numerous possible solutions by trial and error to find out if they may solve their problem. Always great to get feedback from the person that asked for the help, identifying what actually worked for them. I, for one, wish to thank every member here who selflessly shares their hard gained knowledge with anyone asking for assistance. Gary
  2. Fasteddie123, Built by Monaco as Brett says, now owned by Allied Recreational Group, but it was very similar to the 2005 Monaco Caymen. The owner's manual for the Caymen contains both the chassis and house wiring (and tons of other information) in it's 12MB download size. You should be able to download it here: http://www.monacocoach.com/partsandservice/manuals/2005_Cayman.pdf Gary
  3. What does FMCA officially endorse currently? Two days after JYeatts posting (above), the RV Roadhelp website was disabled, and that message still shows on FMCA.org. Is their introductory pricing gone already? The Allstate Motor Club/KOA website still shows it @ $75 but clicking on the sign up now gets you a response that the 25% discount has expired. Has FMCA reversed it's position on AMC? 1. RV RoadHelp (Join FMCA/Member benefits) The RV RoadHelp roadside assistance Web site has been temporarily disabled. Please check back soon for details about this FMCA member benefit. ... Thursday, 19 December 2013 Gary
  4. Just last week we had a TV news item on Orlando's TV about red light runners. A few offenders had gotten a lawyer who asked the court where their camera expert was (the camera work is done by an out of state company), and all his cases were dismissed. Other folks in the traffic court that day were convicted because they didn't know that FL law requires the expert be in court, so they didn't challenge the court. A few of the ones dismissed actually involved accidents as the red light runner collided with a car that had the right of way. I would expect either some changes in the law on this, or a slow down in the expansion of the process. Of course, the contract with the out of state contractors all require them to appear in court, but since most violators don't challenge them, they seldom come.
  5. I highly recommend you get in contact with CoachNet and get coverage through them to cover towing expenses should you break down again. They are able to perform miracles at getting you into a qualified shop on a timely basis. I wouldn't be without that backup. No, they don't pay for the repairs, but they do all the legwork to get you into a shop that can get you back on the road ASAP.
  6. John, What is the towing capacity of your rig? If the Explorer is not too heavy, the 2002 Towing Guide (http://www.fmca.com/images/stories/pdf/towing_02.pdf) shows the 4X4 Explorer with automatic is towable but weighs about 4,400 pounds, and requires a dealer installed Neutral Tow Kit with the V6 and Control-Trac. Procedures should be in the owners manual. Gary
  7. Tom, Kinda sounds like a catch 22 situation. You want country, but don't want towns. Taking the Interstates will get you past plenty of towns, but take you through big cities. They will mostly bypass the country. If you want to see the countryside, you need to get off the expressways and take the US and state (and local) highways, taking you by the farms and small communities that fill the vast majority of this country. You could take advantage of one of your membership benefits and get FMCA to route you, but you will have to be able to tell them how you want to go (scenic/direct/fastest). Or you could get a mapping program (Delorme's Street Atlas or Microsoft's Streets & Trips, for examples) and plan your own route, going to places you want to see and doing things you want to do. Both of these programs allow you to change your routing and give you the ability to see what points of interest are along the way so you could plan stops. Sometimes the adventure of stumbling across something you had no idea was there brings more enjoyment to the trip than the actual destination ever would. We live in Florida and visit relatives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho most years, and have been running cross country often enough that we look for different ways to get there. This year we have a new route planned, so our trip to Madison for the FMCA is about 5,000 miles to that point, with another 3,000 miles after that to get back to Florida. And Madison is only 1,400 miles from home. Take your time. Explore along the way. Make each trip better than the last, and above all else, enjoy yourselves. You are making memories, doing something only a very small segment of the population ever experience. Gary
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