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  1. I had the same problem, but it was not possible to straighten the fins using a fin comb or knife or any other tool. The fins were completely flattened. To straighten them would have been time and/or cost prohibitive. I replaced both units, One of out travel companions had the same issue and replaced both of his units, We were both parked with the rigs facing toward the East. Don
  2. Be sure to follow the transmission fluid level requirements as show in the Flat Towing Guide and/or Technical Service Bulletin TSB 09-20-13. ( You can search for" TSB 09-20-13") We have towed a 2009 Escape with no problems. When you have the oil changed, be sure to notify the service people to NOT top off the transmission level as the towing requirement is for the level to be at the low end of the scale. I have even put a laminated tag on the dip stick with instruction plus I ALWAYS check the level myself.
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