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  1. We have a 1998 Beaver Patriot that has had 2 cracked windshields on the passenger side and then we had it looked at by Kaiser Brake in Eugene and they put a shim on the drivers side to make it totally level when all the air is released. Now we have major cracking on the drivers side. We are told that this is a problem that the Patriot has because the front cab is all fiberglass. Beaver told us that they have not heard of this problem for a long time. Does anyone have any suggestions or know anything about what we should do. We bought this 40 ft. just a little over 2 years ago and cannot afford to be replacing windshields ever time we go out. Does almost all of the cracking when we are sitting at home on level ground with all the air released. No jacks down and no pressure anywhere. We could really use some advise/help here. We love our coach but don't know if it is time to part ways and look for something else.
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