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  1. Most converters are not capable of properly charging gel batteries properly, therefore it is not recommended to use gel batteries, unless you inverter/converter has a mod to recharge gel batteries.
  2. One often over looked problem at campgrounds are worn out shore power outlets from many campers plugging in over time and wearing out the connections. 50 Amp units are the most likely to suffer damage from the common prong (The center flat plug terminal) wearing out. This bad connection will cause 220 volts to feed into the RV, causing major electrical damage, There are many factors that can also cause surge problems as well. A surge protector is expensive, but it is very economical expense to pay now to avoid major expenses without this device. Always inspect your cord for worn or black terminals. Clean or replace as necessary. Notify the campground when your terminals are discolored, because it is generally caused by a worn out shore power receptacle.java script:add_smilie("","smid_10")
  3. You will need a thermometer to check the hot water temperature. Most water heater thermostats cut out at 145 degrees F. There are 125 degree F thermostats available, but chances are that you will run out of hot water. There are adjustable thermostats available as well.
  4. I need to have a link or routing of the serpentine belt and tensioner adjustment. You cannot see hardly anything in this diesel pusher, so I need to replace this missing belt right the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No body had the belt in Panama City, so I over nighted the belt from Freightliner Part # 01-24730-004. Freightliner said the Gates number is 4080710.
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