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  1. WILDBILL308: I have ordered fabric for my slides twice from Tough Top and they have been very good. Their Website tells you how to measure the slide, give them the W x L and they will confirm with you. I did my big slide on my 2005 Alfa and if I remember right the fabric shipping etc. was only $170.00 and they were very easy to put on. Hope this helps. Neil & Nancy Van Dyk F442182
  2. I had several windows repaired on out 2005 Alfa at the Fog Dr. in Searcy Arkansas, they did a really good job and are really nice people. They usually have an add in the FMCA magazine, but there web site is http://www.rvfogdr.com/. No need to replace if they can fix them as good as new. Neil & Nancy Van Dyk F442182
  3. Herman: I looked up the Freightliner raised rail front oil bath hubs and it calls for 80-90 hy poid gear oil. Synthetic would probably be good also. I have to do mine this year here soon and I would use the 80-90 or 75-90 synthetic. I need to get mine done so I can Head to Whitewright and ask were Herman lives and drop by for a visit. Neil Van Dyk F442182 Rocky Ford, Co.
  4. I have replaced my slide awnings, my wife and I can do in about 1 hour. http://toughtopawnings.com/ has how to videos on several makes of awnings and how to measure your awning. They have seemed to last, has been a couple years now and no problems and cost is very reasonable. Neil Van Dyk F442182
  5. Sorry Old Marine, but I really enjoy the drive on U.S. 50, I would agree with you that this time of year is not the best. I have made the trip several times in my 40' Alfa pulling a Tahoe with no problems. I tried coming east on I-70 one time and it took me 6 hours to get to Denver (Traffic), I told my wife I will never go I-70 again. Might also mention 2 nice parks in Gunnison, Co. and another nice park in Montrose, Co. depending on how far you want to drive and the Weather. Neil & Nancy Van Dyk F442182 2005 Alfa 2011 Chev Tahoe Toad Rocky Ford, Co.
  6. We travel I-40 a couple time a year from Colorado, as Brett says we have stayed in N. Little Rock it is nice. Traveling further west we have stayed in Conway AR and it is not bad, Fort Smith AR has a nice park. But if that far west I really try to make it to Sallisaw OK which is not far from Fort Smith, nice owners well maintained park I think it is a KOA. Have not been to far into Texas, want to do that someday, have nice trip. We also run in a 2005 40' Alfa and tow a Chev Tahoe. The Van Dyks FMCA F442182
  7. This probably won't work for you for outside storage, but I will tell you the story anyway. My 2005 Alfa is stored in my building, which has a dirt floor. Last year some mice get into the Alfa. I did what Huffypuff suggested and caught several of them, which cured most of my problem. My grandson made me a trap out of a 5-gallon bucket. A small welding rod is slid through the bucket with 2" pvc with caps, which are also drilled and hot glued. You fill the bucket about 1/3 full of water. Put peanut butter on the pvc, and place a 4' ramp leading up to the bucket. The mice go up the ramp for the peanut butter. The pcv spins and they fall into the water and drown. I have not had a mouse in the motorhome this year, but I am getting close to 200 that I have caught in the bucket, so that trap is keeping them away from the motorhome. The bucket is about 20 feet away from the motorhome in my building. Neil Van Dyk FMCA-F442182
  8. I have a 2005 Alfa with a c-7 350 hp Cat. The manual says to turn key to first position for manifold heat, it then says before you crank engine to press throttle to the floor and release. It then says when you crank engine to depress throttle about half way until engine starts. Seems to work well for me, I also agree with Brett to use the block heater as it seems to start quicker. Neil Van Dyk FMCA442182
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