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  1. Just ordering a 43' DP & will be setting up 2 cars to tow. A 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee & a 2017 Chevy Malibu. Having a change in mind about the Blue Ox as I have read about a dew failures. So I am thinking Roadmaster but I have been looking at the not as popular Demco tow-bars & Base Plates. Why is it that Demco is not up there with the Roadmaster or Blue Ox?
  2. Considering a new coach & was looking at Dutch Stars but think we might look for a little more coach a couple years old. 2012 or newer with a 500hp. We did look at the Mountain Air new but not at that price point we might look used. Lots of changes in the 2015 models that confuse things even more. Do like the Newmar but they do not offer too much with the dinette on the passenger side. I am seeing American Eagles with dinette on the right side & floor plans we can live with. Early on in our shopping we did drive an American Coach & I thought it was one of the better riding coaches we drove. Yes I drove the comfort drive Newmar both in the DS & MA & comfort drive is nice but the coach was not as quiet a ride as the American Coach or the Allegro Bus 45. What can you tell me about the American Coach Eagle vs maybe a Newmar Essex one or two years old?
  3. Thinking about looking for a very clean used Essex. Any thoughts?
  4. I think you miss read it.... I said we will be use the coach about 6 weeks at a time... not just one trip a year. We will be making a few trips a year. Some trips may be 2 or 3 weeks & other trips could be 8 or 10 weeks.
  5. We are ordering a new coach. It is just my wife & I. We plan on using the coach to travel about 6 weeks at a time. We were at both Hershey & Tampa RV shows & most people we spoke with said they don't use it except for storage. If you ARE NOT FULL TIME do you find you use the dishwasher? Would you order it or would you rather have the storage? BTW: we are ordering a Newmar 43' Dutch Star
  6. So we are thinking about ordering a new Tiffin motorhome. If I order it here in Florida, I am between ordering from Lazydays in Tampa or North Trails in Fort Myers. Any opinions ????
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