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  1. The water pump switch has an red light illuminated when on. The light went out, I got the red lens off the switch but can't figure how to get the flat bulb out. Any help appreciated. I have included photos of the switch and the back.
  2. When we go our favorite campground we end up with a bunch of gray moths. It is at 7,500 feet. All the window screens are intact. We don't leave the door open without the screen door closed. I think they are coming in from the basement compartments. Any ideas on how to keep them out, and has anybody experienced this? We kill them and each night there are more!
  3. Brown774

    Parking Brake

    Good news the percussive persuasion and rocking did the trick. Thank you all the good advice. I was very careful while doing this as a retired Fire Captain I have seen the bad results of not taking safety precautions.
  4. Brown774

    Parking Brake

    We have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat on a Roadmaster chasis. I could not get the parking brake to release. I drained the air tanks then re pressured them and it still won't release. I feel the transmission go into Drive but it won't move. Any ideas is appreciated.
  5. Our Atwood water heater stopped heating in electric mode. In the 12v propane mode it still heats water. Breakers are on no obvious wires disconnected so it is probably the electric heating element. Things always happen on Sunday when no one is available to call. Is that repairable or replace the entire water heater?
  6. Ice maker works now, I just needed to bleed the air out of the line. It took about 24hrs to get all the air out. Thanks for the help.
  7. We have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat. The rear roadside bedroom slide started out then stopped we retracted it then started out and stopped. The bottom is out 3" the top is in fully retracted position. There is a bracket with threaded stock in the center on the bottom of the slide, the threaded part is finger tight and can be turned easily. I don't know if I have seen this on the bottom of the slide before. First photo is inside bottom, second is the bracket with threaded insert on the bottom outside of the slide, third is bottom out 3" top in fully retracted position.
  8. We have the 4 door nor cold with ice maker. I changed the ice maker but now the tray does not fill with water. I have water to the fill valve, the wire plug only goes in the mark one way. I could not find any fuse or circuit break near the fill valve. I moved the on off bar from old maker to new one and it stays up in the off position and down in on. So wondering if the next step is the fill valve. It appeared to fill the old maker prior to install of the new one. Thanks
  9. Well I ordered the new ice maker and installed it but now it will not fill the ice tray. The electric plug only goes in one way, there is water to the fill valve, but not to the tray. I could not find a circuit breaker or fuse near the fill valve. ???? One heads up to anyone attempting this RR be sure to determine if it is a rear fill or side fill, you have to cut out the proper piece on the filler.
  10. Brown774

    Pads For Jacks

    Google SnapPads, they work great!
  11. We have the 4 door Norcold Frig/Freezer which has the ice maker option. The ice maker fills and freezes but won't drop ice to bin. Everything is plugged in any ideas?
  12. Can not find the driver side map light switch on our 07 Monaco Diplomat. The light resides in the same overhead cabinet that houses the pull down sun screen for the driver side window. The passenger side has a switch labeled and is near the seat.
  13. We have 07 Monaco Diplomat that seems to wonder side to side while at highway speeds. Minor corrections are needed to stay centered. Original shocks, wondering if new ones would help, with this problem? New tires with correct pressure, so that is not a problem. No excessive up and down or rebounding.
  14. Brown774

    Door Adjustment

    We have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat with a quirky entry door. It is getting harder to open and now requires almost the full throw of the door handle. I found some adjustment info on line but wonder if anyone knows of a video or a printed procedure to adjust.Thank you.
  15. I want to sanitize my water system and I have read about bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Which one is the best to use?
  16. We have a 2007 Monacho Diplomat in the AZ heat. I installed a portable 10,000 BTU AC unit and vented it out a window. I heard a humming sound coming from the Inverter Bay and when I looked I saw a square wall mounted component that sounds like a fan but I don't detect air movement. Does anyone know what it is?
  17. A friend purchased a 2006 Beaver and it has the Aladdin system installed. The system has a display and controls in the cockpit area but also has the toggle switch near the kitchen sink. We can not figure out why the second toggle control is located in the kitchen area where the display is not visible. The over head TV above the cockpit is visible from the second location but we can't find any indication that it may be used as a display. Ideas?
  18. We have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat that won't start. Start batteries are good. Power is present at the ON/Off switch to the Patio Awning. The electric step will not retract when retract switch is activated with door open or closed. With the key engaged to start the drive engine or in ACC mode nothing happens. No dash lights or instruments are powered up. Any ideas?
  19. After cleaning the drain is it advisable to use a drain cleaner to keep soap scum/hair out of the drain as a periodic maintenance item? Thanks
  20. Over time the area where the topper rolls into has retained debris i.e. pine needles, how do you clean out that area, same problem with the awning also. Thanks for any info.
  21. Brown774

    Empty Weight

    We have a 2007 Monaco Diplomat and wondering where to find the empty weight for licensing purposes. They are asking for the unloaded weight. Thank you
  22. It is a Beede instrument and the latest from Monaco, not fixable.... UGH Glad we have the extended waranty as it will need RR to another compatible unit. I am told by our local Monaco expert RV dealership they have done them in the past. Thanks for the information.
  23. Yes Rich everything else is working, I am calling Monaco with the VIN.
  24. Brown774

    Full Timing

    We are selling our house and plan on full timing for a few years. Can someone explain the method and benefits of establishing residency in South Dakota? We would like to take necessary steps this June.
  25. I drove our 2007 Monaco Diplomat to fuel it up and noticed an error code 1 in the odometer window. Any ideas on what this means? All info is appreciated.
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