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  1. Thanks Newbie. It magically stopped leaking...but I don't think our issue is resolved. Will look into what you suggested.
  2. Had a mobile RV service come look at our issue...the tech only scratched his head. He even got on top of our unit to make sure it wasn't AC related. He looked at all the areas he could access and found nothing...not even any wet spots inside on any of the wood. He is perplexed. He will talk to his boss to see if he has any ideas and will call us back on Monday to let us know if removing the shower is worth pursuing in the time we have remaining where we are. It is possible that it is a cracked drain pipe or even a crack in the tank. I'm hoping for a loose fitting
  3. Thanks Herman, there is a cabinet that I don't think we've checked. That might be where it is ... Will look tomorrow. Really appreciate the advice!!!! Susie
  4. Thank you...will check that as well..
  5. It appears that it's a drain issue so even more difficult for us to fix. We will just rely on campground showers until we can get it repaired. Every place we've called has given us appt dates in 2 weeks. We will make due until then to keep from doing further damage. Again, thank you all for your help!!!!
  6. Yes, Carl C. It does have an on/off switch.
  7. Thanks for more "food for thought"....we still have a leak. Didn't leak until husband took a shower so the weight of him being in the shower had an impact that didn't show when we were just running the shower. Spoke to Monaco as well. They offered a few suggestions but nothing that helped us. We will get it in for repair as soon as we can get to an area that has an RV shop. Thanks again all!!
  8. Well, we found a temporary fix. For some reason, the Oxygenics shower head contributed to the issue. Not sure how...perplexed. But we put the original shower head back on and there hasn't been a leak so far. Again, still feel it's temporary, but for now, it's a quick fix. Thanks for your help everyone!!!
  9. Thanks DD69...we are still working on it....not much luck so far but he's at the pan now and investigating . He's also taken everything apart that he can get to and next he's going under the RV. This may be a 911 call yet ....
  10. Thanks Huffypuff -- will try what you suggest. Husband did put some sealant around the shower stall tonight and will try pouring water in the pan and over the walls tomorrow. Appreciate your help!!
  11. Am looking for help in locating the source of a leak. Midway through a shower, we noticed that water is coming out of the wheel well on the passenger side of our 2009 Monaco Monarch. Have checked under the shower pan and see no sign of water and have taken the faucet off and did not see any sign of water there but it's obvious it's coming from a water line behind the shower wall which we have no access to. Has anyone experienced this and could you give me a hint what it could possibly be. I know we need to get it to a shop for repair but we are not near any major cities until later this week. Thanks for any insight you can give!!
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