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  1. Thanks very much for all of your responses! Our situation does not qualify for FMCA Assist since my husband is not hospitalized and it still alive and kicking! LOL And yes, I wish I had pushed my husband harder to let me learn to drive! Thank you again!
  2. Hi We’re at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL. My husband’s anxiety issues (associated with Parkinson’s Disease) have precluded us from making it all the way home to Maryland. We’re looking for someone who can drive our Phaeton 37’ RV back to Solomons, MD. We are certainly willing to cover that individuals expenses. Please contact me (Nancy McCarley) if you are able to help us out. 571-213-9487. Thnak you
  3. Presently at Freightliner in Gaffney, SC. Picked up a brochure on Gaffney wherein this scenic road trip is described. It is a 2 lane highway. Just wondering if anyone has done this in their RV. We're a 36' Class A towing a dinghy. Thanks! Nancy
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