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  1. I have a Xantrex 458 inverter, It seems to charge the batteries just fine as this was our first trip this year. The battery led went red, yellow and the voltage was 14.5 for quite a while, then the led turned green and the voltage and dc amps dropped. My problem or question about my inverter is this: after all of that, many hours later the display panel cuts off. After maybe 30 -45 seconds it cuts back on. Sometimes it will stay on for a long time or cut off in a few minutes but always come back on with no faults only green. Batteries new last year and all cables tight and water level good. Any ideas out there on this??
  2. After driving home this afternoon on 6 new Michelin XZA2 Energy 275/70R22.5, don't think there is a better tire. What a smooth & quiet ride after replacing the 10yr old goodyear G670Rv tires @ 120psi. The new tires are J load and it was recommended to run 105 -110psi. They also found the LF wheel seal leaking and fixed that with a new seal & a set of brake shoes since they were soaked with oil. If in the Winston- Salem, NC area see Ted at Snider tire, the FMCA program was easy and they have done many.
  3. Myrtle Beach State park is our favorite, full hook ups on some sites. Hard to get a good site on short notice. 20A full hook up is a great site.
  4. Thanks Wolfe10, I had a new glass bulb anitfreeze checker and it said good to -40 so I added about 3/4 gallon distilled water, that should get me through until I take it to Freightliner for service. I'm new at this DP as I had 2 Class C MH's which I did a lot of work on.
  5. Ok need some advice here, going on a trip in 2 days and checking fluids and the reservoir is at min. I have a CAT C7 rear radiator and the antifreeze looks green even though the tank is stained red. I bought this used back in August, I changed the oil and filter. Other than that, I was going to waiting until after the new year and take it to Freightliner for service since I don't know what has been done to it by previous owners. I have some Prestone EL for light trucks but don't want to mix if it is wrong, any help out there as I don't have time to get a antifreeze change. Driven it a little over 700 miles since I bought it. Thanks
  6. We called and talked to a NCDMV officer and was told it was not needed and our insurance agent said the same thing.
  7. Removed water heater, by passed the mixing valve and bypass valve as there is one in the closet, installed an adjustable thermostat. Now hot water at 130 degrees.
  8. The only Class B licence is for commercial buses, That is what the NCDMV was telling us and if you look on the NCDMV web site it makes no reference to anything but comercial vehicles. We have a lot of freinds that have Class A and all have said the same thing, they called or looked online and and no information. Even our insurance co. said it was not needed?????? So I am still confused.
  9. Well this is confusing, because my wife called North Carolina DMV and ask about this when we moved up to a used 2006 Fleetwood Expedition and she was told by a NCDMV officer that yes it's on the books, but it is not enforced and that they are trying to get it removed. He specifically told her that we did not need anything more than a regular drivers license.
  10. The mixing valve is bad and on my coach you cannot get to it from the back, in fact I can't get to anything because it's underneath the drawers. I do not plan on replacing this stupid valve. Has anyone removed this type of water heater from a 2006 Fleetwood Expedition? Wish engineers would think about the guy who later on has to work on it ,To be fixed or replaced. Any help out there? I Plan on by passing this valve.
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