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  1. Or buy the V-6 Equinox that doesn't have the 12 V steering.
  2. I think it is a simple fix , leave the key on acc don't remove the fuse and add a charge line until GM decides to fix the problem 2 or 3 years down the road. I towed a 2010 4 cylinder Equinox with the oil drinking problem that GM finally admitted to the problem in I think 2014 or 15 but to late for me. I took the loss and unloaded on a dealer. I just could not sell it to a individual but didn't bother me to let another GM dealer have it.
  3. I can't find anything on the mirage 5 speed but have a look at the Kia Soul it is towable in the 6 speed standard and lots of 2016 6 speed for sale for a little over $11,000 and you can install a OEM cruse for about $70 . We love our 15 it is a quality car built in South Korea . Have a look at autotrader.com and sort by price lowest. walt
  4. M&G is cheap and easy to install and if you are a real cheap as I am they have used rebuilt units for half price at about $300. The M&G brake is just a cylender with a piston with a large O ring nothing to wear out but the O ring , as far as the installation you don't have to be a expert mechanic to do the installation. Best and simplest system I have ever had. walt
  5. Walt2137

    AC Ducts

    The aluminum tape was used to seal off where the register hole was cut in the duct line and it's getting old and turning loose, some of your AC air will bypass the register and go in the ceiling if not resealed with new aluminum tape. Just pull the registers and retape . walt
  6. Yes call M&G direct and ask them about the remfg unit it's about half the price of new, the M&G is such a simple design that about the only thing that can give a problem is the O ring on the piston. There is a write up on IRV11 in the toad section with pictures that is a help if you want to do the installation your self, irs a fairly simple installation, one thing I would susgest regardless of who does the installation is to drive the toad a few miles without using the foot brake and check the temp of the rotors ( with a temp gun)to make sure the adjustments are not to tight.Walt I should have checked the last page on the job completion before posting.
  7. Be sure to mark or tag the lines before removing, don't ask how I know this. Walt
  8. Blake part # is Bendix 275491 , Midland KN18530 and CW to lower pressure CCW to raise. Walt
  9. I use 80 w90 and Lucas Hub oil 50/50 and can't see any reason to change the hub oil, my SILaw has 5 18 wheelers and they put a few 100,000 miles on them and never change the oil unless a problem. Walt
  10. Tom we were at the Frog rally also we had a bunch of Monaco coaches parked together, we had a super good time I would have liked more rally's in South LA , Love the Lafeyette area. Welcom Kent to the forum. ,
  11. I have made every Perry FMCA until 2013 and have always seen Roadmaster there checking tow bars free.
  12. Do a search there are threads on here on the procedure to use in cleaning a rear radiator coach and cleaning the CAC and radiator is very important on all coaches but a must on rear radiator. I would also check to make sure my crank case vent is venting behind the CAC and radiator. Walt
  13. Rihanna actually you can put the key in the ignition turn it on and turn it back to off leave the key in the ign and and tow, the steering will not lock until you remove the key so no power used but If you have a toad brake that pushes the brake pedal it will light the toads brake lights and you will need a charge line . Walt
  14. What would worry me is not the tires but the transmission fluid getting that exaust heat, can't be good. Walt
  15. When we towed a 2010 Equinox I made my on fuse bypass by using a old blown fuse, broke the plastic off, soldered a wire to each leg and a inline fuse ran to a off and on switch. But I don't think I would want 3 switches under the dash. Got to be a better way. Walt
  16. I am impatiently waiting for the Perry Rally we have missed only one since the FMCA started in Perry and look forward to next spring rally.
  17. I have a Progressive EMS-HW50C installed in our coach for years , it's a coach saver. I started out with their earlier unit years ago EMS-HW50B . http://www.progressiveindustries.net/#!ems-hw50c/cjk6 Walt
  18. Jim have you thought about just removing the bottom grill instead of cutting the holes and when you decide to remove the tow brackets you can install it back in.
  19. Guys this is a handy tester that you can make, I use it before I back into the site to check the electric pedestal. The only difference I used a 220 V LED instead of the one shown in instructions, one of the members of another forum posted these instructions. It does come in handy. Walt AC 50 Amp tester.doc
  20. You could be adding a quart to much, how many qts are you using at oil change? If the engine is over filled it will blow out the excess.
  21. I Took my advice and installed a M&G brake system!
  22. I just looked at the installation instructions and what you should have is 9 ea 3/8 x 16 nut plates with a 14 inch wire attached to each and you just hold the wire and push the wire and nut into the frame channel then start the bolt ( be sure to use loctite and torque) after tight break wire off.
  23. Thats great Brett. I hope they have solved the problem but from what I am reading I doubt it.
  24. John there has been some problems with the Roadmaster InvisiBrake while driving not hooked to RV, any dampness in the system or the wires to the system or voltage leak can cause the Invisibrake to engauge the brake just enough you wont feel it but when the rotters and pads will get hot enough that the car might lock the brakes up . Do a google I have seen a number of complaints on that system and some of the folks had been using it for a few yrs before it bit them. I hope I dont make anyone mad just trying to give a heads up of what I have seen posted and I do like Roadmaster Inc products and company a lot. Walt
  25. Herman you have praised M&G so much and I have always liked the design I decided to remove my Roadmaster Brakemaster out of our F150 and I installed the M&G. I don't know why I waited over 20 yrs it was a easy install and works beautiful, the hardest part was locating the coolant tank and modifying the brace brackets. Oh, one tip to anyone that plans on doing a self install be sure to deplete the Vacuum in the brake chamber by pumping the brakes a few times with the engine off, please don't ask how I found out this. Walt
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