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  1. This post is a bit old, but maybe others are still using the Heliotrope HPV-30D(R) and can use the info. I have the DR version rather than a D, but these are 3-stage MPPT controllers; they do not have equalize capabilities built-in. AMSolar seems to use the "DR" and "D" designations interchangeably, so not sure there is any substantial difference (experience would suggest that the "R" version may be a bit newer and may designate it as an "RV" controller. I have 3 documents describing connections, installation, overview and voltage adjustment, but can't attach them here because they are PDF. But maybe a link will do: Heliotrope HPV-30DR information from my Google Drive Some further research seems to indicate that the "D" model is PWM whereas the "DR" version is MPPT (for sure). That may or may not be the case; I can't find more data on the differences. PS - I just set my HPV-30DR up to charge my LFP battery; seems to work just fine (I switched to a 2-stage charger configuration). Dave Rypma
  2. On a 2002, you have 2 banks of 4 batteries connected as 2 house and 2 inverter batteries. When the generator or shore power is hooked up, the inverter battery bank charges first and when the voltage gets to a set value (about 13.8 Volts) the Bidirectional relay delay module (the BIRD) commands the Big Boy relays to close so that the house batteries start to charge. Then when the house batteries are up to about 13.8 V, the 2nd BIRD commands the second Big Boy relay to start charging the chassis batteries (2 12 V in parallel). If you are hooked up to a low current source, the Xantrex controller (the RC-7) will start to cut down the charge current to the batteries if you are running other loads through the inverter (which will be all the normal 110 VAC circuits in the coach).That will cause the Big Boy relay to drop out and your house battery voltage could start to drop. The Alfa has a fairly complex DC charging system and it is my experience that there are VERY few techs in the country that understand those systems. You have one not too far from you in Choudrant LA that can fix pretty well any issue you have with that Alfa. I would highly recommend going to see Ronnie Wolfe or **** Albritton in Choudrant of you want competent servce on your Alfa systems. You will find a wealth of techncal support on those web sites I quoted in an earlier post. Good luck with that issue! ALL Alfa owners should join those web forums to get support for their Alfas.
  3. There are several Alfa-specific web sites that will get you fixed up quickly. alfaseeya on Yahoo and Alfa Motorcoach Tech Site on Facebook. If you have Yahoo access, that one will serve you best. As a last resort, I can probably get you sorted out remotely. The Yahoo and Facebook site addresses are: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/alfaseeya/info and https://www.facebook.com/groups/Alfatechsite/ Dave Rypma 2006 Alfa Gold #4078
  4. Depending on the type of house batteries you have, be sure to keep them properly watered. If they're flooded cell, 2 months is a long time to expect them to go without watering. Of course, if you're lucky enough to have AGM batteries, you don't need to be concerned. Also, if I were leaving mine, I'd bring in the slides to reduce exposure and heated space. And turn off the inverter and any other electrical devices/breakers you don't need on while you're away. Dave Rypma 2006 Alfa Gold #4078
  5. Often the availability of quaility service is a function of the coach you own. The best source for service information is often fellow owners of your coach brand. If you are fortunate enough to have a brand that, either through the manufacturer or other owners, maintains a Yahoo or Google or Facebook group for technical and maintenance issues, you can find excellent information there. In addition, look at the online review sites quoted ion other responses to your question. The experience of others is often the best indicator of service quality. Remember that service facilities are definitely not created equal! Nor are individual techs created equal. Dave Rypma 2006 Alfa Gold #4078
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