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  1. Jack, Bobbi and I are in Tucson at the Lazys KOA campground. We plan to be here until March. Give me a call and let's get together. Cell: 847-659-9154 Email jamesvinton@comcast.net Regards Jim
  2. Hi Everyone, We are the proud parents of a new Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36pft on our first long time (3-4 month) trip. We are currently parked at the Lazydays KOA in Tucson, AZ. Very nice park. Are there any other 2014 HR Ambassador folks out there? Would love to compare notes. Jim & Bobbi 2014 HR Ambassador 36pft
  3. The furnace blower kicks on and then goes out.
  4. Hi All, We purchased a new 2014 Holiday Rambler from General RV in Huntley , IL. Have been satisfied and only one question. whne sliding the rear slide out to the out position, it reaches the limit and a sound like a gear jumping starts. The service manager at General RV told me that is because the rear slide out has only one motor and it makes that noise when it reaches the limit. He said to NOT continue to hold the switch as it would damage the gear mechanism. Seems to me that if it makes that noise to signal the end of travel, at some point the gear will wear out?? Any opinions? Jim Vinton 2014 Holiday Rambler Ambassador
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