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  1. We are beginners. Been on the road for almost six months. Traveled about 9,000 miles so far. What a great experience/lifestyle. Just finished up a very nice day in Napa, California today. We started in Toronto, Ontario and headed west across Canada. One wedding and one new grand daughter (Two different families) later, What a great way to live. About six weeks ago, we asked for advice and didn't get any responses. Looks like you are getting lots of good suggestions.....good for you. The only thing I can say for sure is do not take Highway 1 on the California Coast from Mendocino to Bodega Bay. No one warned us and I wish they had. We don't mind steep hills and sharp curves, but this was a challenge in a 43 foot+ MH towing an F150. Very slow going and had to use both lanes on several curves. Only bottomed out once on the rear, but all OK. Really glad they had lots of "Turn outs" to let people pass us. As they say, what doesn't kill you....makes you stronger and now, a lot wiser. Next stop.....Rose Bowl Parade. Any one know any good RV Parks around Santa Barbara or Arcadia?
  2. We made the trip this year. So much to see and do. After Banff you should head towards Lake Louise, The Ice Fields, Jasper, Revelstoke, Kamloops, Fairmont Hot Springs, Kelowna, Osoyoos (One of our favorite places - a good place to stay is Nk'Mip Campground), The Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler is a great drive (Whistler RV Park - great views, but steep hill to climb at the entrance). British Columbia does a good job with their "Circle Tours", lots of info and recommendations. We just spent two months in the Victoria area. If at all possible, stay at the West Bay Marina and RV Village, A great place to stay and explore Victoria (Book months in advance). Watch the Ferries come and go, the seaplanes take off and land. Take the water taxi to Fisherman's Wharf for fish and chips. Walk to downtown from the RV Park. The other place we stayed was Oceanside RV Park close to Sidney which is about 20 minutes from Victoria. Take a side trip for a couple of days and go to Tofino if at all possible (Drive the toad). We left Toronto August 1st on our Maiden Voyage in our Newmar Mountain Aire towing an F150 pick up truck. Lots of mountain driving with great views. After a while though, you'll be glad to see a flat straight level road, but the drive is more than worth it. It may be worth it for you to buy the Parks Canada Discovery Pass, which gives you entrance into all the Parks. Safe Travels, Chuck and Jacquie F436456
  3. We're considering this route beginning December 8th. Does anyone have any experience or advice. We'll be in a 44' MH pulling an F150.
  4. Tim, After seeing your reply, I contacted them and we're all set up now. Your help is much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Tim, I tried to access the digital version on line, but for some reason it is not working now. I'll try again later. Thanks, Chuck F436456 Midland, Ontario
  6. Does anyone have experience viewing the Rose Bowl Parade? Is it better to join a tour/rally or go on your own? Any viewing location tips or camping/parking tips?
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