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  1. Thank you Sundancer, good point! Wolfie - good heavens, no! I hope I was only confusing due to working till 4am! In fact I believe I shall nap again before work this afternoon - thank you all again! I hope to have this done immediately.
  2. I love all this interaction, thanks so much! With my history in construction & building I'm perfectly comfortable with the 'shore' wiring aspect of this project - what I'm unclear on is the actual motorhome wiring itself - for instance: if you plug the power cord into the junction box inside the cabinet when the source is the generator, shouldn't you be able to plug the dedicated line from the house into the same receptacle to power the motorhome? Plug the house into the RV instead of plugging the RV into the house?! haha! I have a small 2008 C class and a couple years ago I had to replace the whole power converter. I'm fairly certain something behind it is wired wrong, as there are no regulations or quality controls in place in this industry... But that is a project for another day!
  3. Oh, OK - thanks for the info on the amperage! I grew up in racing, I was thinking it might be like adding nitro to have the extra power on reserve? Thanks for the website, too. Yes, years ago we ran full hot lines from a house power source to a remote for my 40' 5th wheel with full overhead cable. That we used an electrician for!
  4. Not to worry! But thanks! I have a construction background and a fair amount of experience with residential electric.
  5. Thanks - I was actually wondering about a 50amp breaker even though my RV is only a 30amp. I am a full-timer and I need to run a 1500 Watt electric heater in these Midwest winters. My hope was with a 50amp I wouldn't have to turn off the heater to run the microwave - or the a/c in summer? I'm going to guesstimate about 100' of wire will be required. I will fish it thru some insulated conduit of some sort. If I recall correctly, there are surge protectors that install at the shore power, also - it would be nice to put it all in one weatherproof box! Thanks again! I'd better get to doing some shopping!
  6. I'm fixing to add a new breaker to the house box and run a line outside to a weatherproof receptacle for an RV hookup. Does anyone with personal experience doing this have any tips/suggestions? I hope to do it asap. Thanks!
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