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  1. rm, I will certainly post what I find out. Not being near a Newmar dealer, means I am running a yellow sheet of gripes to take in later. Having already replaced a chassis blower fan the first month, I am now dealing with this door. It is really distracting to to hear this rattle (I have it on video). The door seems to fit snugly on normal inspection, but there is something wrong with the latch, an internal part I can't see, or the outer door seal is not doing its job. Perhaps my expectations were set to high when told that Newmar focus is on quality. I would hate to see the competition.
  2. My new Newmar Baystar 3124 has a terrible rattle in the door. It appears to be coming from the latch not holding the door properly. It is most noticeable when the coach is driving on roads that cause a vertical bounce in the chassis. One dealer moved the metal stop up and in just a bit, and that helped, but it still is noticeable. One tech told me to wrap some electrical tape around the post to act as a soft shim. Not sure that is a great idea, but bailing wire and gum often do work. Obviously something need to be adjusted. Any experience or thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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