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  1. You ought to check out Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande, exit 194 on I-10. Great golf, people, and good all around place to visit. It is part of Sun Resorts and has discount pricing for first time stays. As you can see the lots are sized generously. Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  2. I just fold my KarKaddy SS up and keep it on my sight at most parks. Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  3. My 2004 F-53 30Q Hurricane gets between 6.5 and 9 depending on the wind. Did get 10 one time, had a really good wind pushing. Bet you didn't know that your MH is a sailboat too. Happy Trails, Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  4. Sitting here in Hesperia, Ca waiting for the wind to stop whistling. Decided to go with the unmounted spare, carrying it in my toad's trunk along with the spare for the dolly. Heading to Vegas in the morning if the wind stops. Been a great trip so far. Had to go as far south as Memphis before "unwinterizing" at Tom Sawyers on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. Then to Gore, OK and Marval Resort. Next was Santa Rosa Camp down 54 to Sunny Acres in Las Cruses, NM. Next day ended at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ. We spent 4 days there, really nice place. From there we went to Palm Desert, CA for another weeks stay in the Marriot, for work. Now we are Vegas bound, waiting at the Desert Willow RV park for the weather to laydown. Probably going to go east on I-40 after Vegas and stop in Kingman to put our return strategy together. The national weather map will be of great influence. Thanks for all the input on my spare tire inquiry. Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  5. Appreciate any help in finding a wheel to use putting together a spare for my Hurricane. Checked all my local junk yards.....nothing. Are these really that scarce?? There is a yard in MO., they have lots of wrecked F-53s, but they want $125.00 + shipping, a bit pricey for a spare wheel. Thanks for any help in find one at a reasonable price. Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  6. I have been looking also. I have a 2004 Hurricane 30Q on a Ford F-53 chasis. Plenty of info available from Ford such as maint. schedules and parts spec., lube points ect..., but nothing on the MH. I've had to learn the hard way when it comes to the MH's systems. Let me know if you come up with anything and I'll do the same for you. Just Another Old Doggy, Don
  7. Just arrived with my membership kit are two member ID plaques. How and in what acceptable locations do they get mounted to my MH?? I guess one in front and one on the rear, but just were is my question. Do you rivet, bolt, glue, double sided tape or plastic tie??? Thanks, Just Another Old Doggy, Don
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