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  1. I am getting ready to purchase using the FMCA/Michelin program I have one problem, it says the dealer must be a national account and I can not find one who can do my 22.5" RV tires in Kansas City, any ideas?
  2. I have Michelin tires on my 40' diesel pusher Travel Supreme. I am in the process of replacing all my tires and have done a LOT of research. I am replacing with the same Michelin XZA3. As we all know, we never wear the tire out, they break down first, so the first thing to think about is not miles but how many years will they last. The RV tires are compounded to last the max time, the truck tires are not, therefore the truck tires will break down faster (less years). The RV tire compound is softer you get a better ride and they are quieter than the truck tires. I recently read that all of the new pusher manufacturers have moved to Michelins'. They say you should change your RV tires out every 6 - 7 years, mine have lasted 9 years my buddy pushed his too 10 years. My existing tires have 45,000 miles on them with lots of tread but I'm starting to see a few check marks on the sidewalls. I NEVER use anything on my tires but mild soap and water. I clean them after each trip. I have thin sheets of plastic I park on to block contact with the concrete pad. Hope this helps.
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