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  1. My 34' Aerosport 2 by HMC on a 1992 Spartan chassis has Grover air horns with it's own 12 V. compressor. A rebuild kit from Grover for the compressor and a cleaning inside the horns has them working like new. Hope this helps someone. Pete Abbe
  2. wolfe 10 Thanks for the welcome. I should probabley call Sparton, they made the coach. The Allison dealer also Sparton Rep. thanks, Pete
  3. As a newbie to RVing I am slowly rehabilitating a 1993 Aerosport by HMC, 34' W/ 250 Cummins. Transmission code on Allison MD 3060 is d-1, 2-1, 1-2. I have an appointment with Cummins dealer in three weeks, could not wait that long, called Freightliner, they had a tech on it in 30 min. I called the Allison dealer that installed the new ECU for the trans. and they said it is not a transmission part, but an engine part, Freightliner says it's a Allison part. Help! And is the throttle position sensor on the motor or at foot throttle? By the way, the coach drives just fine, but has "service" illuminated on shift pad. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. You should have at least upgraded to a "Moen" and if you can afford it, up to a ''Grohe" . You won' t have that problem again and again. Newbie used 93 Aerosport 34' cummins 8.3/ allison
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