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  1. I have a 29' Class C with rear view site through the house. Would one of those stick on Fresnel lens improve vision of my toad? I have a small rear camera that isn't always clear. I was thinking the lens would be a good alternate when the camera is acting up. The lens is inexpensive. If you have/had one, please post your experience. Leslie 2003 29' Winnebago Minnie Class C
  2. I can't help you attach it; we had ours done. Here is my question: We plug our auxiliary brake into the cigarette lighter. It doesn't work if the switch (fuse) is turned off. So we must leave the switch (fuse) on. Having the fuse switch installed was a waste of money. Does anyone know anything more on this issue? Mike
  3. Thank you all so much. You have been helpful with information and suggestions. We are dismayed about the rear weight being a design flaw, and we must live with it. Live and learn. Mike Leslie
  4. I've appreciate the comments. We could not find a DOT on the tire. But here is the update. Got new tires today. Discount Tire said our old Michelins were in good shape for 11 years old (they said the tires were from 2004)! The rig is a 2003, so I don't know why the tires are a year newer. I would have expected tires would be maybe the same year or a year older. We purchased Michelin again. Discount Tire did a price match to the FMCA Michelin Advantage, plus it was about 40 miles closer. There also is a Michelin rebate of $70 . We also went to the fertilizer storage and got wheel weights. Here are the last summer axle weights, compared to today's wheel weights:-- tanks empty, gas half a tank, no food or clothes The rear is over from the start. GAWR Pounds last summer ----------March 13, 2015 Total weighing four tires , tanks empty,gas half 4600 Steer axle 3700# 1720 and 1880 = 3600 9450 Rear Axle 10560# 5310 and 5250 = 10,560 Trailer w/Golf Cart 1460# We put 80# air in back , 70# on steer tires. What do you think about all of this ? Mike Leslie 2003 Winnebago Winnie 29B
  5. I was able to go to the RV storage today. The number on the existing Michelin tires is 06-5093701 Holy Smokes! Does that mean the tires were manufactured in 2001?? That means they are 14 years old??? If so, I think I will purchase another set of Michelins. That is older than expected! We are the third owners, but I think the other two stored indoors, as we do during the winter. We used 303 sun protection and covers in the summer. Maybe previous owners did that too. We have had this class c for a little over a year and a half. While at the storage I got the axle weights too. The first number is the GAWR Second number is the truck scale weight GAWR Pounds 4600 Steer axle 3700# 9450 Rear Axle 10560# Trailer w/Golf Cart 1460# It was interesting to read someone else is 1100 lbs over. What can we do about it in terms of tires? Class C is made over-weight on the rear (kind of like some of us ;-). Will puling a toad four-down add to the rear weight? I'm appreciating this discussion. Mike Leslie Class C 2003 Winnebago Minnie 29B
  6. Thank you for the responses. Our Class C 2003 Minnie 29B is in storage, so I can't read what is on the tire to find out how old they are. If memory is correct, I think it is going on ten years. I will post if I get a change to go over to the storage tomorrow. As to weight, we did have axles weighted last summer. We were dismayed that the rear axle was 900# over. We only have our clothes, vacuum and a folding chair stored in the back. If we took everything out that we put in, it would still register over. (We were pulling a small trailer with a golf cart, if that makes much difference. ?) Tanks were about half full. Front axle was about 1000# under. It is frustrating that there is nothing, that we are aware of, to reduce the back axle weight short of taking out the bed and closets. We'll try to weigh each wheel at the grainery when we take it out of storage. Do we use these weights to figure out tire pressure? Tireman9- I could not use your site. My virus protection said there was a threat. I tried different ways to get in, I finally tried another computer using your blog web address. It worked. (Same virus protection, go figure). Learned a lot about tires. Thank you for sharing. So does it look like Michelin LTXM / S2E 225/75/16 seem like the tire to get? Mike Leslie Class C Winnebago Minnie 29B
  7. We think it is time to replace our Class C Michelin tires. There is some sidewall cracking, lots of tread. Our auto mechanic says they look good but we know it is difficult to tell on RV tires. 2003 Winnie 29B, on Ford 450. Tire size 225x75x16 I'm not tire savvy, but have read many posts on various RV sites. I do get confused with posts on big rigs; I am not sure if it pertains to my tire needs. Can someone, in the know, explain in simple terms what I need to look for when purchasing tires? :-) 1 .I read things like: ' Get RV tires, not truck tires.' True? If so how do I know they are RV tires? And is it important? 2 .You can get Michelin at Costco. (We checked and they said they have no way to mount them. So how did you get tires mounted at Costco???) 3. People say they saved $1300 using the Michelin Advantage. We are only getting estimates of $200-300 savings. 4. I see other tire brands mentioned i.e. Dunlop, Toro, BFG, Goodyear Are they apples-to-apples in comparison to Michelin? 5, Isn't the Ford 450 a light truck, but is a light truck tire sufficient with all the additional house weight? Anything you can add to our first time Class C tire purchase experience would be helpful. TIA Mike Leslie 2003 Class C Minnie 29B
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