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  1. We will be leaving Largo Fl. around April 18 and would like to go to New Orleans first for a few days then make our way back to Petoskey Michigan. Would like to know where there is some nice RV parks in New Orleans. Thanks. Don
  2. Living in northen Michigan I know you will not have a problem getting fuel. The UP is not that back woods. Don
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions they sound great. It will give us a good place to start. Don and Carol
  4. We have a 40 foot motor home leaving Petoskey Michigan about 11-24-16 and going to Tampa Fl. What would be our best way to go and see things along the way? We like to take our time and see as many things along the way. If anyone can help us out it would be great. Don and Carol
  5. Has anyone flat towed a Cadillac XLR with rear wheel drive? Thanks Don
  6. Can a Chev Volt be pulled with 4 wheels down or does this electic car have to be put on a dolly? Thanks Don
  7. I like to thank everyone for there help! I have followed up on your posts and was able to get the ends from Monaco. Again, Thanks. Don
  8. Yes it has a smart wheel. The connector is flat with 4 pins. Two of the pins are damaged and the factory could not tell me why. The connector with the pin ends slide into the smartwheel module.So far the places that I have tried do not have any. The pictures that I have tried do not come out, they are all to dark. Don
  9. I have a 2001 Monaco motorhome. On the way home this spring, my windshield wipers would not work. After talking with the factory, I found the steering wheel module shorted out. The problem I am having is finding a place to buy the wire ends that go into the module. If someone knows of a place please help me out. Thanks Don
  10. Thanks Carl I think I will give it try . I have to much invested in the trailer not to use it.
  11. Thanks for the Information. I might have to get a smaller trailer but I hate to it I just used it one time it is still new. Thanks Don
  12. I have a 2007 Cadillac SRX all wheel drive Can this car be flat towed or can it be towed up on a two wheel hauler. I have a 40 foot RV to pull it with so no problem there. I was going to pull a car trailer but my trailer is 30foot long. To long for all states. Thanks Doni
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