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  1. I have a 2010 Damon Challanger 36' and average 7.5 miles per gal. towing or not. Averaged 6.5 climbing the rockies while towing.
  2. 1. Rick Scott 2. USN 3. 21 yrs 2 months 25 days April 1971 to June 1992 4. PO1 5. Aviation Electrician/ P3 Flight Engineer 6. NAS Lemoore, CA, NAS Brunswick, ME, NADC Warminster, PA, NAS Patuxent River, MD
  3. I have a motor home registered in Indiana. I paid the 7% sales tax which was based in the difference of the value of my trade in and the price of the new rig. The Excise tax was $1600 for the first year and talking to the BMV rep she said it will go down each year and will reach it's lowest level in 8 years.
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