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  1. Bill, too bad you feel that way. So after being on this forum for only half a day, not what I thought it was all about here. And so I think I may already have an answer to my first question, should I invest in being a vendor and supporting one of your upcoming conventions. Probably not. Just not where I want to be. Thanks anyways.
  2. Thanks Jim. This kind of tells me the rank of importance to some owners. Which is really what I was wondering about today.
  3. Note: Ad content deleted. Moderator Thanks for the feedback so far. Good to hear there is a market here. Both replies mention the price point of a camera. But I have to keep in mind for the RV market: Need a power cord for 12 volts, battery alone is 2 hours recording time. Need memory. Large media card. Small media card is standard. Do you need two cards? Incident happens, save card, put in your extra card. Mount needed to secure to upper windshield, easy to move to another location. Or are you OK with sticking directly on your dash?(adhesive mount) Is camera fully programmed, ready to use, plug and play? Or, you don't mind reading how to update firmware and adjust settings. Did you guys buy the cameras you are speaking of? Why or why not? Thank you. Anybody else?
  4. How many owners travel with a dash camera? Or would like one after saying "Did you see that?" If you have one, is it built-in from the factory, easy to operate? Or did you install a system after researching and knowing what you wanted? My point here is to discover how the owners of expensive vehicles protect themselves while traveling down the road and also able to record and save all the beautiful scenery. I am a small business owner that supplies video cameras to auto racing teams plus the fire and rescue industry. So I would like to find out more about the owners in this RV market and what may be important to you. The FMCA has a lot of members, many that attend the conventions like the one planned for Madison, WI. in 2015. Being this the area where we live, I am thinking about having a vendor booth for this show if I can see the market needs first. Here are camera features I believe to be important in this market: Camera is easy to self install. Pro suction cup to windshield, plug in to 12 volt accesory source, auto start/stop. Records High Definition video with audio, date and time stamp on video if wanted. Loop recording of 15 hours with included 32 GB media card, over 60 hours with larger media card. Camera has HDMI out port. You may watch live camera on any TV in vehicle. Camera can be removed when not traveling. Use it outdoors, rechargeable battery, waterproof. Mounts are included for tripod, helmet mount and flat surface mount. Priced between $400 and $500 for a camera that may be put to use all year long. I would appreciate your feedback and questions. Thank you. Jake Roth
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