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  1. We live on the Parkway close to where it leaves North Carolina and enters Virginia. I cant speak for the camp grounds near Ashville but there are campgrounds right on the Parkway with the ability to park your coach near Glendale Springs, NC, Laural Springs, NC, and at Doughton Park, which is a national park camp ground. While the road has curves and will require your attention to the task, its views are well worth the effort. Most of the overlooks will handle the coach and those that dont are well marked. It is a wonderful ride, but dont plan on making good time. The 45 MPH speed limit and the overlooks will limit the miles you make in a day to much less than you would think. There is some construction this year but the delays are fairly short and, unless you are trying to make good time, are not a reason to miss driving Americas Favroite Highway.
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