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  1. Thanks to all. Looks as if we might want to rethink the issue.
  2. We are going to buy a cover for our 36ft Horizon DP and wondered if anyone has had good/bad experiences that they can share? We are considering (so far) the Adco with Tyvek and the Polypro lll. Looks like the Adco is about $330 and the Polypro about $380. Would definitely consider others brands that have shown good durability. Thanks!
  3. Thanks to all. We had contacted the local Freightliner and there were significant pauses with questions about the service, so I thought we might have difficulties. I will call the SC address Monday and set up the service. BTW, our membership started today and I have to say I am thankful for your quick responses.
  4. We just purchased a 2000 Itasca Horizon DP from Campingworld, on an as is basis, and are looking for a reputable company in the Atlanta area to go through the chassis to check brakes, hoses, belts, and other assorted chassis items that should be inspected. Campingworld had little desire to conduct the inspection on the non coach items Please advise any experiences that you may have had Thank you Peter and Peggy
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