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  1. I have driven the Compass. It is not my choice for a daily driver, but for a tow vehicle I think it would be fine. I would think the wheel base would be similar to the Patroit or the Wrangler, but I have not research that fact.
  2. Yes. It is 2012 Jeep Compass 4x4 with a 5 speed manual transmission. I just like the weight at 3200 lbs vs most other Jeep model at over 4000 lbs, It is really just going to be a tow vehicle. We have a diesel pusher coach with 360hp. Maybe I am making too big of a deal about the weight of the toad. I am just hoping to maximize fuel economy, etc. Everything I have seen says towing is no problem although I would appreciate some first hand insight... Thanks for your interest and help.
  3. I have not purchased it yet. I am researching the vehicle before I purchase it. The "online" manual says to put it in neutral, turn the on the key to accessory, and drive.... For reference the Jeep owners manuals can be found at http://www.jeep.com/en/owners/manuals/ . I would think that most standard transmission vehicles could be towed. My main concern is the seller who disagrees (for some reason). I was hoping to find someone with first experience.
  4. I am new this board so forgive me if this topic has been covered. I searched for it but could not find any specific information. We somewhat new to RV'ing (in terms of a diesel pusher) and we are looking at a 2012 Jeep Compass with a 5 speed manual transmission pull as a toad. Info I find online seems to say that the Compass can be towed flat with a manual transmission, but the seller insists that it cannot because the transfer case is located behind the transmission near the rear axle and it will cause damage. The 2012 Dinghy Guide seems to say that the Compass with the manual transmission can be flat towed (the auto transmission cannot be towed due to lack of a transfer case). I also found a 2012 Jeep Compass owners manual online and it seems to say that the manual transmission is OK to tow. Has anyone had first hand experience with the 5 speed manual Jeep Compass ? Is there a number at Jeep where one can verify such things? Thank you in advance for your help, Kohn
  5. I have used those Green screw type battery disconnects (shown) on everything from vintage cars to lawn mowers for years without a problem. I have actually never seen a spark or heard a snap or electrical noise of any kind. They are inexpensive and they work great. Of course, I may blow myself up tomorrow, but I have no concerns based on years of actual use.
  6. We are looking at a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4x4 for a TOAD. I am just wondering if there has been anyone with recent experience or new experience with the new "smaller" Cherokees ? I understand you have to go with the Trailhawk to get the manual transfer case with neutral. I have a Falcon II tow bar, but would likely have some professionally hook up the electrical and tow attachments. Are there any challenges with installation? Is the new Cherokee a good choice? Am I crazy to buy a new vehicle to tow? Should I expect a lot of wear and tear behind the coach? We have a 2008 Tiffin Pheaton if that matters. We just want to make the right choice in a tow vehicle and we will likely use it as second/third car when not in tow. Any insights?
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