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  1. There are several RV parks in Williams, AR. We stayed at the KOA in WIlliams, which is about 30 miles south. The National park has several campgrounds, don't know if you will fit with a 38' We didn't even try since we are 38' also.
  2. I'm considering buying a 2012 Phoenix Cruiser, Model 2552. I have never owned a Phoenix Cruiser and I am looking for input (pro and con) from those who own one now or have owned one in the past. Please, no dealers. I have only owned Class As and this will be my first Type B.
  3. RichardFryer


    Tom, thanks for your reply. The Brake Buddy will respond to the engine brake as well as the service brakes. However, I don't use the engine brake unless I'm driving in the mountains. I have adjusted the Brake Buddy according to factory instructions (I have even talked to the factory before departing on a trip). As for as the having it checked by the factory, they keep telling me the Brake Buddy is not the problem.
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    I have an '06 Allegro Bay FRED. I tow a '05 Pontiac G6 with a Brake Buddy supplemental braking system. Every time I take an extended trip (250 miles or more) I end up with warped front rotors on the Pontiac G6. I install the Brake Buddy according to factory instructions. I have even talked to the factory to ensure I have done everything right. Of course, the factory says it isn't the Brake Buddy. Another thing , when I stop at a rest stop and do my walk around inspection of my rig, I detect the odor of "hot metal" around the wheels. When I don't use the Brake Buddy, the order is not present. Also, the monitor in the motor home indicates the system is only activated when I apply the motor home brakes. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  5. For those of you who have replaced your carpet with wood, did you change out the rollers on the slide? I have been told if you don't change out the rollers, you will scratch the new wood.
  6. Tom, Louise, Gary, and the other guy (couldn't see the name): I wish to thank you very much for the time you wanted to dedicate to this issue. I see there are many many things I should take in great consideration before I choose for this or that coach. My very first worry is that I do not want to be pulled on my leg by any vendor who is only interested in selling. For what concerns my needs I am most interested in getting a comfortable coach with quality, long life chassis and engine, which means nice power engine, recognizable chassis strenght, equipped with air cushions glide, shock absorbers, engine brake or exhaust brake (I still do not know which is better in terms of both performance and maintenance, does any idea?), Automatic traction Control, ABS. Said that, I do have 3 children and I have to say I was unable to find RVs equipped with bunk beds for them. To be honest with you, I had a look of some Monaco Dynasty and Executive but as I have important requirements but restricted budget, I was looking at 2001-2002 units. What kind of risks I am going to face in this case? Also, I saw some 1992-1998 bus conversion that I found great, apparently. Are there even more risks in this case? Are such coaches all too much old? I noticed some of them were rigenerated (interiors, change engine etc) but I am more willing to say "refurbished" as they look more like houses. In this case would it be better to concentrate on a rigenerated model or on an original one? Is it true Monaco went bankrupt and so Marathon? I also saw Country Coach which I know had found an agreement with suppliers and banks as to go on with production. Well, I do not want to bother you but I am sure you will understand the more infos I get the better I can work out a solution and I do not find any better place but this forum of fmca to get to this goal. thanks once again for your help guys. Steve If you are looking for a class A with bunk beds, Tiffin Motor Homes has a diesel pusher with bunk beds. It's 38 feet long and is called the "Allegro Red." I looked at one this past weekend at Vogt RV in Fort Worth, Texas. It's a lot of coach for less than $200K and Tiffin stands behind their products.
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