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  1. I don't own chains and would not use them (probably not physically capable of putting them on). I would rather miss a day or two than risk the snow and ice that required chains. That's why I am asking about alternates. They are predicting snow in Klamath Falls so that route is not one I would prefer either. We will be watching the coastal winds and the mountain snows as we go.
  2. I am heading south for the winter from Oregon to Central California. We have 3 of us in a Caravan. Looking at the weather it snows for the 5 days before we are leaving over the Siskiyou Pass (Mt. Ashland/Mt. Shasta) with temps in the mid to upper 30's as a high, so we have decided to bypass the Siskiyou Pass by heading over to Hwy. 101. We are looking for the best way to come back to I-5 and curious if 299 out of Arcata California or if driving down 101 to Route (HWY?) 20 South of Willits (North of Ukiah) would be better. It looks like taking 299 might well put us back up to some altitude and risk of snow and ice whereas 20 appears to be a "larger" road and a shorter (though a longer drive on 101) trip and less likely to have altitude and snow ice issues. I am really interested in this from a Class A perspective. I have a 40' Class A DP (no Tag axle) and will be towing a Jeep Wrangler unlimited (which we could unhitch and drive separately if that would be preferable). The other two couples have slightly smaller rigs. Any experience with these routes and potential issues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. I will be 10-15 minutes away, but working through Friday. Hoping my wife and I can attend on Saturday. I assume that means I should get a Day pass?
  4. The Meguiars NXT is great for cars and I was thinking about using it on the MH...looks like it should be OK, thanks!
  5. Hi FMCA! I saw an ad in Family Motor Coaching magazine stating I could order FMCA business cards online here at the club website. I have looked but all I can find is a form that I can print which is the same as the one in the magazine. Is it possible to order online? Or...does the ad need to be changed? It is very likely I am missing the link, would love some information! I have enjoyed my membership in the short time I have had it and even taken advantage of the Michelin advantage program to replace all 6 of my Class A's tires. Thanks Dave
  6. I just used the program (and I have only been a member for a few weeks!) to replace 1 275/70 22.5 XZA2 Energy. While the savings was only about $30-$35 (I guess my local dealer pricing is Quite good) it was and will be much appreciated when I replace the other 5 tires 6 months from now. Dave
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