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  1. The list we have compiled of names and emails of Cherokee owners who have experienced this is now at 28. All varieties of Cherokees (14-15-16) and towbars. If you want to be added to the list email me at twoflyrodders@Hotmail.com. Bruce
  2. OK, heres my tale, I have a 2014 Latitude V6 with Active Drive II. While towing behind my motorhome on a 5000 mile trip last summer I experienced a severe side to side shaking in the front wheels of the Jeep about 7 times. Extremely intermittent, and difficult to diagnose at first (is it motorhome, towing setup, or the Jeep itself causing this?). Lots of moving parts here, but I am closing in on the answer. The shaking is severe. I can feel it A LOT way up in the front of the motorhome. First time I thought the drive axle in the motorhome had come loose from the frame on one side! When it happens I stop immediately, of course, and inspect everything. Nothing appears wrong. This seems to occur when one of the front wheels on the Jeep goes over some raised area in the road (once when I took a tight right turn and the Jeep went over a curb, once after going over some white 1" high markers in the road) or perhaps a rutted place (once railroad tracks at an angle), but it is so intermittent it's hard to be sure of the cause, and I cannot reproduce it. It does seem to happen at lower speeds, seldom over 35MPH thank goodness. At considerable expense I've had the motorhome thoroughly checked (first thought was it was the bushings in the track bar) and there is no problem there. I've replaced the tow bar and checked the geometry - no problem there. New tires and balance on the Jeep. Still no help. Now I find I'm not alone. Another person wrote to a motorhoming magazine and he has had the same thing occurring. I suspect there are more to come. Now, what's going on? Could this be related to the half shaft problems or other front steering things showing up on the KLs? Mine drives perfectly - no shake shimmy or anything EXCEPT this potentially dangerous thing when towing. UPDATE - as shows above there are a lot more than just one having this... I am trying to put together an email list so we can coordinate our efforts and maybe get Chrysler to address this and find a fix. One other person with the problem has a video of it occurring, and gave me permission to post it. It can be found at https://youtu.be/UNmkr4dL1OE
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