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  1. No after CAT everything is still A-OK. I was just trying to relay initial symptoms that led to diagnosing a BAD ECM.
  2. Just to wrap up. CAT Only changed what I would call cosmetic stuff, serial numbers, basically engine serial and chassis. Maybe a few other things. Most or all the options and values matched. $258.00. 2001 3126 most current part # for the (ECM is 10R-3571) (2001 blown Part #192-7896-01 ) replaced by (1999 157-3708-00) Symptoms -- (engine won't fire up but will crank) (While cranking RPM needle does not move) (ALT gauge does not move) (Through cruise control stick -- Cannot display Diagnostic codes) Check ECM fuse or fuses -- if they are good -- start kicking the tires. 🙂 CAT price for ECM $3,099.00 + programming plus plus plus, truckecm.com programming included around $2,000. Both carry a 1 year warranty.
  3. Thank-you for that advice. Just an FYI, a few options I see, Exhaust Brake Switch = Installed, Exhaust Brake Mode = Manual. I like your ideas. Appreciate the time. I am going to have CAT check/flash any changes -- this week I hope. If I understand what you are saying I will check that out this week. That I should see the gear in the shift pad window when i switch on the exhaust brake. And I know if my brake switch is on and I let off the accelerator it immediately engages -- I definitely would prefer the latch mode. TTRV
  4. Sir, I have the six page printout of the flash settings for my ECM. Do you know the parameter name for the setting you are referring to? I can scan all six pages if this might help? I did try the exhaust brake on my initial run and it executed I think as expected? I am right now leaning toward the CAT review. What pre-select gear do you feel it should be? Thank-you Tom
  5. Removed 1999 Junker ECM part# 157-3708-00, it was a little warped and looked like it may have been repaired in the past... Installed in Winnie and it immediately started up. All dash instrumentation working ok, test drove, cruise, air brake, shift points appear the same and power. It was a knuckle buster to install for my brother and I. Not sure if I will take it now to CAT and have them modify the ECM to match my engine serial number, mileage difference is only 16K more than winnie had , and then check settings. What do you'll think? Appreciate the help in this matter.
  6. Sorry one last thing the superceded part number is 10R-3571.
  7. Caterpillar tested the ECM today and it is dead as suspected, $80 for the test. The good news is they gave me a 6 page printout of my ECM settings that were captured in 2017. To come out to my RV 50 miles one way and replace and program with a new Caterpillar ECM is $4,598. And that is after the core refund. The two that helped me were very nice. They didn't say it but pretty much agreed I should try the one in the other junker RV I mentioned. They felt there may be some differences but no show stoppers. My engine serial number is a CKM6123, the junker is 7AS76282. Then I could drive it to them and the changes would be made to match my ECM configuration. Option 1 -- I will try the ECM out of the junker. In parallel I am googling for aftermarket, used whatever that would be willing to take the 6 pages of configuration and flash the ECM that I would purchase from them. I feel CAT wanted to work with me however policy inhibits caterpillar to flash an ECM that is not in the vehicle. Go figure. It will be probably 4-5 days before I can get this accomplished.
  8. I think you are correct based on this info from the Freightliner Parts Pro. 3126E TRUCK ENGINE Engine Serial Number - CKM23163 (Build Date - 03/08/2001, Test Date - 03/08/2001, Ship Date - 07/08/2001) Thanks
  9. My RV man met me today and he ran diagnostics without any success. Checking the wiring also. He was able to read the transmission info but nothing on the ECM. He then removed the ecm and our next step is for me to take it to Caterpillar tomorrow in Riverview, FL. The tech at caterpillar indicated they can try and read the flash and make a determination if it is good or not. I believe this to be the original ECM since there is writing on the back 8-3-01. My RV is a 2002. So I would appreciate some advice on the following. Option 1 -- Where I store my RV there is a junker, 1999 monaco Freightliner. I have checked it out today and it is a caterpillar engine, the same as mine but older 1999, mine is a 2002. I am going to ask the tech tomorrow to confirm engine specifications since I have the VIN. So I am thinking about removing this 1999 ECM if the specs checkout and trying it. If it works why not? I know the storage man will let me have it for a very reasonable price. If this works then problem solved -- then "maybe" have caterpillar flash the correct mileage and check other settings at their site. Option 2 - - Buy CAT part, or aftermarket or re-manufactured used one? Right now I don't know if anyone of these might carry a warranty. Caterpillar told me they will not program the ECM unless it is installed. He said it had to do with emissions? So buying a new/used/aftermarket means I either have the RV towed 50 miles or pay for a CAT Tech to come to the RV in Storage. This is upsetting. Thanks you'll. TomT
  10. Yes, under normal circumstance the check engine light will illuminate with key on then clear. I will try the screwdriver and listen for the ticking and also try and get the wiring schematic from Freightliner and or maybe Caterpillar? I have most or all the chassis wiring now but not the engine. I tried today at CAT but I could not find a full schematic of the engine wiring. I have a login to DTNA connect and it will pass me to caterpillar. Another odd thing I noticed is I cannot reset the trip meter or get the odometer to switch between kw and miles. It will not display the current mileage but has showed all zeros or 1888888 for mile and 8888 for the trip meter. And continue looking and see how I can even get to the ECM. It is buried on the left lower side with lots of cable in front of it. Appreciate the advice.
  11. I miss stated , the yellow engine light briefly comes on then out when the key is turned. also, toggling the odometer/tach mileage tripmeter returns nothing, may be all zeros or 1888888 tripmeter 8888.
  12. VIN=4UZAAHAK42CJ83609 36GD Chassis J83609 engine CKM23163 ECM 20amp Fuse was obvious and on top of the chassis batteries. It was in good shape. removed fuse and checked continuity on fuse and connection to the EMC via volt meter. Disconnected all chassis and house batteries checking voltage, 12.1 mol. Reconnected and ran generator to recharge. Opened up dog box and not sure what sound to listen for regarding the pump. Kind of looked around all over for any chewed wires 🙂 I am pretty sure this engine does not have a manual primer. Should have taken a picture. I do not have a remote start that I am aware of? This is a Journey 36GD. I read a post that stated when I try to start the engine and the engine cranks then the tach needle should move, it does not?? Still puzzled as to why i cannot display any diagnostic codes via the cruise control stick. My records show I did this in aug-2018 and the return code was 55, no faults. How I think I did this in Aug. Now nothing flashes? Where did my brain go. Turn the ignition key switch to the On position/ Engine OFF. I think I left the key on in August? Tried both ways Turn the cruise control ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. Push the SET/COAST button and hold. Hold that position until the yellow lamp begins to flash. The yellow lamp will flash in order to indicate a two digit flash code and the SET/RESUME switch may be released. One last thing, The high beam indicator light did light today, the other day it would not? It is green not blue. When the fuel water separator filter was changed in Oct-2018 there was some foreign matter the RV man could not identify? After this service I drove the RV about 15 miles to storage? At the time the RV Man did not feel it was algae? Thanks you'll TomT
  13. Going over there today and will try and locate fuse. Thanks
  14. VIN=4UZAAHAK42CJ83609 Chassis J83609 engine CKM23163. Engine cranks and cranks but will not fire up. Dash idiot lights normal. However I do not see the yellow check engine light on or flashing. Also, I cannot read out the Diagnostic codes via the cruise control steps. Oil/lube and filters change in Oct-2018. Ran fine then. Read a post I should at least see the tach needle move when cranking -- It does not move a bit. Also , the high beam blue light will not light? last ran to storage in Oct. Every 3 weeks I run the generator to charge the batteries. Apparently there is an inline fuse for the engine and transmission computer power located somewhere in the battery box. With a possible 20Amp Fuse? I plan to check this tomorrow. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. A rookie.
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