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  1. Fellow FMCA Members, My name is Lem Chance and my wife (Diane) and I own a 2015 Thor Tuscany XTE 40AX. We have really been enjoying the rig with one issue. During our fuel stops, when attempting to fuel up using the truck lanes at Flying J and other truckstops, the pumps shut me off on or about 6 gallons on both sides and I have to keep re-starting the pump multiple times which can take up to 30-40 minutes to completely fill up. We took the rig back to the dealership to troubleshoot the issue along with consulting with the Thor technical folks. According to both of the them, everything checks out at the fuel tanks and ventilation components but not once has anyone looked at either of the hoses running from the intake nozzle to the tanks. I consulted with a diesel mechanic who manages a large metro bus fleet and after looking at our rig, he determined that there are bends in both hoses that are causing the restriction and the pump to shut off all of a sudden. He indicated that they have a similar problem with the new buses delivered to the fleet and they actually cut about 1/4-1/2" inch of the hose and reposition it straighter by getting rid of the bend. Has anyone ever experienced this issue? If so, what was done to correct the problem? Every truck stop does not have the RV lanes with the smaller nozzles and I'm getting really annoyed with my current situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Lem & Diane Chance F444590, lemchance@yahoo.com
  2. Herman, Thank you and I am glad to be part of the forum. I received some calls today so I have to do some follow-up. Appreciate the tip.
  3. Greetings, I'm new to this forum but not the RV lifestyle (6 years and still rolling). If anyone knows of any TOADs for sale (Blue Ox preferably), I would appreciate a reply to this post. My wife and reside in Manassas, VA and we're looking for a Jeep (Liberty, Wrangler etc) or Honda CRV already rigged and ready to roll. Thanks!
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