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  1. Hi All; I have a 2009 Cheetah Safari with a C-9 turbo charged engine- 425 HP. I bought it new in 2009 and 2 years later at 9,300 miles I had to replace the turbo-charger. Today at 23,000 miles the coach is in the shop again and the diagnostic codes point to another bad turbo charger. This is all related to the automatic regeneration cycle, somehow. Still trying to determine how Caterpillar controls the need for regeneration............some manufacturers measure the pressure differential at the DPF (diesel particulate filter) to determine the sooth loading in the filter, and then trigger a regeneration cycle to burn the sooth and clean the filter. Others use miles, others use gallons burned or hours of operation. Don't know how Caterpillar does....still trying to research it! What I believe is causing the issue is that with RV's that stay in storage for some time, the turbo somehow locks up because there is no way to lubricate the moving rotor and impeller vanes. Then when you take it out on the road the system calls for an active regeneration cycle and the locked up turbo cannot respond and the result is an engine fault code for a failure to regen; then you get the power derating and eventual stop engine fault....................which leaves you stranded!!!! If anybody knows of an aftermarket cure for this turbo issue....I would really love to hear about it! Regards, Frustrated Cat owner
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