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  1. Getting to master cylinder is nearly impossible for me. Maybe if I was 50 lbs lighter I could
  2. Thanks for all the great advice everyone. I've decided to have it towed into the shop and let the professionals figure it out.
  3. I haven't in the last 6 months. My mom had it towed here because the battery was dead. Put a new batte in and it runs like a champ. Just can't get out of park to move it
  4. Huffy puff I agree with however I can't get it to shift out of park.
  5. However it is a good possibility the pall is bind up. The truck is figuring out how to unbind it.
  6. I know it wasn't parked on an incline and isn't now.
  7. I will check it as soon as I find where it's located
  8. Bill the RV was my mom's until recently and sat for several years. It does start up and run. It also has the notorious autobrake system common on the Chevy P chassis. The steering wheel does turn when it is running. Something I forgot to mention in the original post the brake light is on.
  9. I have a 96 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster on Chevy P chasis. It is stuck in park. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mike
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