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  1. My advice is to get a card from your cell phone supplier to connect to the Internet and e-mail services. I use a Mi-Fi from Verizon and it works great! It is encrypted which means no one else can hack into my data, very important if you are doing on-line banking or using a credit card, the public Wi-Fi sites are generally not encrypted and are dangerous!! The Verizon unit becomes a Wi-Fi hot spot for up to 5 users and is encrypted. No way would I go back to using a public Wi-Fi hot spot. You are almost always within range of a cell phone tower and can even use it while travelling in your RV!
  2. Ron, I have on 03 Rexhall Aerbus. If the previous suggestions do not work, it is possible the bib is for clean out of the Black and Grey tanks. My Aerbus has a hose bib and selector valve which allows me to flush the black and grey tanks with water. You might try connecting a hose to the bib after you empty the tanks and see if additional water runs thru to the sewer. Don Hocker
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