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  1. Hi, Just checked the vms on my 330hp cat C7, 40 foot 34000 lbs including tow car, 7.9 mpg overall burning 4262 gallons. I would say 90 percent of time I am towing. Cruise control set at 62mph, trans in 6th in economy mode is how I run on flat hwy. Mountains I cut back to 54mph and economy mode off. When I drive this coach with the cruise off I get less mpg. See you out there. Charles
  2. Hi, Just got a tow dolly off ebay $995. Towblazer Inc. Put it together, went to aaa for a lic plate, put the s40 volvo on it and went from San diego over the Interstate 8 to PHX for the Good guy rally returned to San Diego on Interstate 10. I used my coach to pull it. Out and back no problems worked great. AS for brakes I have not added them yet.
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