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  1. docj, on my 2002 Marquis, the salesman solenoid was located in the battery compartment above the batteries, between two ceramic looking fuses, one for chassis, the other for coach. Hope this helps.
  2. Bill, I am referring to the 12VDC solenoid that the salesman switch controls. By connecting both terminals to one lug on the solenoid you close the circuit, thereby bypassing the solenoid and rendering the salesman switch useless. No more bumping it off/on inadvertently. Using the disconnect switches at the batteries if you have them, will cut power when desired or in storage. If no switches, then as Herman said, disconnect from batteries. Hope this helps.
  3. Another option, bypass the switch and hook the two terminals together on the salesman solenoid. Never a problem again. Hope this helps.
  4. Jim, I would be leery of disconnecting your surge protector. You may have a problem with your shore power and your EMS is dong its job of disconnecting power to prevent damage to coach electronics. Verify that incoming power is correct before plugging into power source, to eliminate problem at power source. Hope this helps.
  5. rpstewart, first thing is to determine 6 or12 volt batteries. A volt meter will help determine what you have. This is important because they hook up different depending on what battery you have. You could also take them to a battery distributor and have them determine what they are. A picture of the batteries before disconnecting helps in reinstalling the cables correctly. Hope this helps.
  6. Back to my original post, weighing each individual corner will give me the exact weight I need, to determine the proper tire inflation. With the coach fully loaded with water, fuel, supplies, and whatever else you may choose to haul down the road, you can get an accurate weight on each corner to come up with the proper PSI. Hope this helps.
  7. Without weighing each individual corner, a 5 psi bump is a good idea. It allows for one side of the axle to be a little bit heavier and still not be under inflated. Hope this helps.
  8. My experience with a high HP coach concerning fuel mileage is the more horses, the more thirsty. My current coach, Cat C-15 600 HP will get anywhere from 4~6 MPG. Speed is the determining factor. My previous coach had a C-12 505 HP, 7~9 MPG. IMHO the C-12 will give you the best bang for the buck. Problem is, Cat quit making over the road motors around 2007, so if you are interested in a coach with a Cat motor it will have to be an older coach. One positive, the older motor homes are pre emission. Not much difference in pulling mountain passes, they all slow down no matter how big a motor. As far as Cummins, I have no personal experience, maybe someone else will chime in. Hope this helps.
  9. I believe it is located under the entry way steps. The same fluid reservoir is also used for the front slide if your coach has one. Any Dextron ATF fluid will work for topping off reservoir. Hope this helps.
  10. Do yourself and everyone else on the road a favor, SLOW DOWN!!
  11. Bought 8 XZE’s that were 3 weeks old for a 2002 Beaver Marquis. Driveability, ride and wear were excellent in 30,000 miles. Sold coach after 3 years so no experience after that. I would buy Michelin again. Whatever you buy, make sure the date code is as new as you can get. For me, I would not buy any tire that is more than 6-9 months old. Hope this helps.
  12. If the fill valve is open, it will keep running in a loop and not shut off. Hope this helps.
  13. As Rich stated above, there should be a tag on it to identify the manufacturer and part number. Here is a catalogue for Whitehouse Products. https://www.whitehouseproductsltd.com/Request-a-Catalogue Hope this helps.
  14. Replaced a fan motor on my 2007 Marquis from this place in the UK. Very reasonably priced and shipped to me in 5 or 6 days. Sauer Danfoss is now Dynamatic if my memory serves me correctly. Here’s there web site. https://www.whitehouseproductsltd.com/?aliaspath=%2fHome Hope this helps.
  15. Beaver Marquis is a great older coach. Build quality is as good as any out there. Also any pre 2007-2008 Marquis are pre emission, so no worries there. Most are Cat C-12, 13, 15. Owned a 2002, and now a 2007. In some respects, the 2002 is better build quality than the 2007. All depends on floor plan, number of slides, and electronics in deciding what you want. Your budget of 100 to 200 grand will buy you a very nice coach in the range of years pre 2007-2008. Good luck and have fun on your journey.
  16. Do you have a bypass on the water heater? If you do check to see that the valves are in the proper position. This is easy to overlook after winterizing. Hope this helps.
  17. Here’s a video that may help. While your at it I would replace the bellow also. Hope this helps.
  18. Try this web site. One piece valve stems, work great. https://yourtireshopsupply.com/category/796/dually-valve-kits
  19. Bad bendix gear? Brush’s In starter wired wrong, turning starter backwards?
  20. Look for another valve that is open allowing antifreeze into hot water tank. There are usually two valves, one into tank, the other coming out of the tank. Hope this helps.
  21. frank.bergamo

    Coach Weights

    Your Tag axle air regulator needs to be checked on a regular basis. The pressure setting on mine changes and needs to be readjusted. Once you get your weight numbers, adjust accordingly. My front and tandem axles are about 85 to 87 percent of max axle load on each axle. The tag will only be about 40 percent of max load axle capacity. These max axle numbers can be found on the placard to the left of the pilot seat on the wall. Hope this helps.
  22. Try White House Products LTD. They are located in Great Britain, go online and register. Once you are approved, then you can order parts. Saur-Danfoss is now Dynamatic. Just ordered a thermal/wax valve and switch valve for my coach, 1/2 the price and 3 or 4 days shipping from Britain. Phone 01475 742500. Hope this helps.
  23. Easy for you to say at $120.00. States are ripping off people on rigs that have had sales tax every time they are sold. I just bought a coach in Arizona, when I got home to license it in Colorado, I had to pay a sales tax to Colorado. How does that work? Every time I turn around, government is in my pocket. NOT RIGHT!!!
  24. JB Weld for the materials you are mating. Scuff up the back side of the bolt and the area you are gluing it to. Hope this helps.
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