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    I an Aqua-Hot trained and certified Tech. for the Hydronic heating systems in all recreation vehicles.As a post retirement bussiness,I enjoy all the contacts with Rvers. I provide service, advice to all my RV friends Free of Charge. I enjoy Flyfishing to the fullest, Give me a flyrod,a stream with a flyhatch,...I am in paradice.
  1. Bob If you plan on Rving at Yellowstone, I would advise making your reservation ASAP Inside the Park is closed for the winter (as most are) Tetons National Park, Rv parks are very few, also small, outside the park, The Virginia Rv park is less than 1 mile to down town, Jackson. expensive, Very nice staff. opens 1st of May The RV park in Wilson is also a nice park, small and expensive, The Rv park in Buffalo Valley is also a fairly decent park, although an older park, also expensive. Explore all options, Jackson Hole is expensive, also a great place to visit
  2. Hello Tim To Everyone reading this, use a creditable Aqua Hot Authorized Service Rep. I am going to offer a few tips to all who are interested: (1)A bit of smoke upon start and shutdown is normal. (2)One thing I am seeing is Aqua-hot owners think that if they don't use their heaters, they don't need servicing, You should run your Aqua-Hot on the diesel cycle at least once a month, this prevents stale fuel from fouling the fuel nozzle. By the way, DO NOT try to get by with cleaning the Nozzle. They have a list price of around $15.00. (3) When servicing your A/H, wipe the photo cell to clean of soot, if it cannot be cleaned with a dry towel, just clean with brake cleaner. (4)A proper service cannot be performed without a fuel pressure gauge, fuel pressure range is 145 PSI + or - 6 PSI. (5) An easy way to clean the combustion area is a nice long handle toilet brush, After cleaning that and the combustion chamber, insert the combustion chamber back into position, (seam at the top) Do not worry about the vacuum cleaner, after installing the burner system, when you start the unit, soot will be blown out the exhaust (another tip use gloves). (6) One cause of smoke is the rubber boot at the air intake, throw that away, use a 1/4 screen to keep critters out, the air intake is preset at the factory, no reason to change unless operation a high altitudes for long period of time. (7) Coolant level will change as the internal coolant heats. Be sure the system is full. By the way the only positive way to check is at the radiator cap, if it has one.
  3. To All members If anyone needs help, or has questions regarding your aqua-Hot or Hydro-Hot, Please feel free to contact me anytime, I will try to answer your questions Thanks Orman Claxton Aqua-Hot Certified 206-660-9893 Ocroadhouse@yahoo.com
  4. First of all,I am a factory trained and certified Tech, This is an excellent heating/Hot water appliance, But as in everything it must be cared for. Also, it must be (exercised) ran. Regarding the practice of blowing out the lines for winterizing the unit, Always, Always, pump the domestic antifreeze through the system, watch for antifreeze from each sink outlet, including the out door/shower. If not the A/H-H/H WILL FREEZE, requiring a very expensive repair from the factory, If anyone has a question, please feel free to call the factory, They are really a great bunch of people in Ft Lupton, Co. On the Aqua-hot website, there is a service locaton for most states and canada,Check out the website, down load your service manuals, etc I hope this will help Orman Claxton 206 660 9893
  5. I am a service Rep for Vehicle Systems out of Colorado, I ran into the (bug) referred to as (Algae) actually a "Fungus" while servicing the Aqua-hot fuel system. This fuel contamination can completely destroy a fuel system in a very short time if let go. Power Rearch Inc, out of Texas manufactures a product called Pri Ocide used to kill the "Bug", another of their products is called Pri D, www.priproducts.com Orman Claxton Wayne, They are all virtually the same-- a variety of weed killer. And you will NOT find them at trucks stops etc-- fuel storage is NOT an issue for trucks. You will find them at MARINE STORES, since boats have the same diesel storage issues that we do. And since you are in a boating area, no problem. Here is one: West Marine Biocide
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