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  1. If you plugged into a 15/20 amp outlet you probably tripped the GFI. Even 30 or 50amp outdoor circuits may have GFIs. In some locales building codes require them.

    Almost all MHs are miswired. There can be no connection between ground and neutral in the MH. If on the end of your power plug you place an ohm meter and measure between neutral and ground and you meter go to zero you are miswired. You will not be able to use any GFI protected electrical circuit. In many cases the mfg did no use a ground switching inverter.

    You need to correct this if you plan on using any state or federal campgrounds as many are putting GFIs on the 30 & 50 amp circuits.

  2. Nope! Except in very strong cross winds.

    We own a 1992 30' Barth Breakaway with spring suspension. A very enhanced 5.9B (300HP) and converted to an Allison 2000 transmission. Pulling a Suzuki Gran Vitari we get just under 11mpg usually running about 70mph. We average about 12K miles per year as we live in Yuma, AZ and our kids are on the other side of the big hills.

    The ride is firm but not uncomfortable and even with the long heavy overhang in the rear it is stable except in strong cross winds. Actually pulling a vehicle helps as it tends to keep the Barth going straight down the road.

    We have had MHs since 1978, so we are not new comers to this. I also converted a GM4106 and we also currently own a 43.5' Newell that is for sale.

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