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  1. Congratulations on the new ride
  2. epstep

    Financing A MH

    I think you hit it right on the nose, thanks for all the replies
  3. epstep

    Financing A MH

    Finally did hear back from Essex, there rate was higher than what I could get with the dealer
  4. epstep

    Financing A MH

    Unfortunately I am on the downside if my current MH. Its funny that I did get in touch with Essex they asked for some info and I haven't been able to get in touch with them The dealer I am dealing with Northside RV in Lexington KY were able to get me a decent deal/
  5. epstep

    Financing A MH

    I am looking into Excess Credit The MH is a 2017 Phaeton
  6. I am looking for a lender for a MH, I tried USAA. Are there others that have decent rates
  7. epstep


    I am planning to add this also. Thanks for the post
  8. Pretty broad message that it is the same tire Do they make the tire then stamp BF Goodrich and Michelin while its going through the process
  9. I would only need this for say 6 mos. Can you turn service on and off or must you pay by the year
  10. epstep

    Oil Question On V10

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.
  11. epstep

    Oil Question On V10

    Its not hi mileage on the rig, my mh has 5500 miles its whether the person used full synthetic, I have no way of knowing. I read some where if you used the full synthetic blend vs regular synthetic you were not supposed to revert back I hope I have this right
  12. epstep

    Oil Question On V10

    The question was switching between different grades of synthetic, thanks for the heads up on the grease.
  13. epstep

    Oil Question On V10

    Thanks for the reply my generator is a Cummins/Onan I believe a 10k I will need to check that when I get back down to where I store it
  14. I recently bought a used 2014 Tiffin Allegro 36LA. I am getting ready to change the oil in the engine and the generator. Unfortunately I can not find out what the previous owner used. I am told if you use the Mobil 1 synthetic and you had used the high mileage its not recommended to go back to the regular Mobil 1. And what brand of grease for the front end is recommended? Just your thoughts as well for the generator.
  15. epstep

    Doran TPMS

    I am using the Doran system, so far so good. I use it for the MH and my toad. Talking to others that have they have no regrets.
  16. We use old beer six pack cartons for water bottles, soda and of course beer
  17. I have the same problem with my Fleetwood Southwind. I am due to go in for service on the 28th of Oct. I have the gouges (indentions from roller wear as well) on my last day out, the slide hesitated before coming in. From what I can find out that there are adjustments that can be made. The question being is how does it get out of adjustment like that. My rig is always level before extending etc Right now I am afraid to open my driver side slide for the fear of it causing some real damage. Here is a link from another website irv2 http://www.irv2.com/forums/showthread.php?t=264845&goto=newpost
  18. Thanks for the bulletin I will bring this to their attention when I bring it in for service.
  19. Had a reply on another forum (irv2) and a 2015 Fleetwood Southwind had a similar problem pretty close to what I was saying. They have a dealer appt in Nov I have mine scheduled for Oct 29th. I checked with Fleetwood no recalls or anything I guess we are the only two who have this issue LOL
  20. I just updated my profile but thanks for the input. I will need to check with Fleetwood. I believe the slides are Power Gear
  21. I am having some concerns with my driver side slide when retracting. It is a Southwind 34A. It sometime doesn't do anything for a few seconds (up to about 5) then makes a loud popping noise and the slide comes in. 1- I have tried this with a lot of the weight out of the storage compartments and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I unload them or not. I try not to load up that side. 2- My bedroom slide works well and I feel that the the slide should work the same. 3- On the floor I see indentations from the rollers where the large side rests on the floor. What I can mention is that the MH is level, the noise is starting to scare me a bit. What I did notice when I was checking under the slide topper is that the rubber gasket was hanging out and hanging about the top of the slide. Any help will be appreciated.
  22. i take it that you have another sLide and that is working. On my rig I need the engine running and the foot brake on. Just a suggestion I sometimes forget the parking brake.
  23. Congrats and safe travels ....
  24. Right now I have an umbrella policy with Blue Sky, but it only covers me while I am traveling with my MH. It covers my home and cars as well What I am looking for is a stand alone while my lot is vacant and possibly rented
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