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  1. Thanks for all the input. Plenty of advice to start troubleshooting.
  2. 2001 Foretravel with 50 amp service. Plugged into 50 amp service with a progressive surge protector that has a readout of each leg, votes, amps, hz and device status with error codes. Just recently the 50 amp breaker servicing the surge protector popped. Turned the breaker back on. Noticed the amps on L-1 was at 21, L-2 was zero amps. The RV is simply ting on our property and not being utilized. Only appliance plugged in was the residential refrigerator. Flipped the main 50 amp breaker inside cutting all power feeding the RV. Expected to check the surge protector reading and see zero amps on L-1, instead it was displaying 20 amps. Turned of the shore power with the breaker. Waited and upon reset still showed 20 amps on L-1. All other readings were normal with no error codes displayed. I am not electrically inclined and realize tracing an electrical issue on a 40 ft RV can be daunting even for professional mechanics. Where is this draw coming from and where do I even begin? As stated, the main 50 amp service breaker inside has been turned off. Also when I had the inverter replaced(3 years), the mechanic replaced it with a converter citing expense and necessity, just a heads up for anyone helping with my troubleshooting.
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