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  1. Tried to signup for Indio Rally but the add a card part off registration doesn't work. Is there an email address to send the completed registration form. Or Im back to just signup when I get there.
  2. Just made that trip. Did a month going up the western route. Month in AK and month coming down from Dawson city and the Alkxan hwy and going through the ice fields parkway. Felt we were pu s hung it but had a family reunion to a tend in aug. Great trip take your time. BC and th r Yukon have great campgrounds. Can be a long ways between cites just enjoy the campgrounds
  3. Have AAA and it served us good on our Alaska trip this summer. Was lucky we were 77 mile from Whitehores when the radiator got a rock in it. Called AAA they had a truck out to pick up our DP in about 6 hours. towed us back to a shop that let us stay in the rig while they made repairs. while there met a couple that had GS. lucky for them, as their tow was 238 miles and it took them 2 1/2 days to get towed in. both cases fully covered. New North truck is a freightliner service center in Whitehorse that goes above and beyond for it customers. If in the Yukon and you need service they are top notch . Bill
  4. This is a beautiful route. but late may look out for icy patches in the shadows and in early morning. this year the snow banks will be tall ( ten - 12 ft) on both side in several areas. If you do try it unhook and drive the toad separate to ease the load on the MH. also my allow you to fit in some of the turnouts. The views are worth the extra effort even if you just drive it with the toad. plan on taking a full day each way.
  5. You said you spend most of your time parked. The cost of the warranty would more then pay for most repairs to appliances. Motor drivetrain issues are the ones tough to swallow.
  6. I bought used class a with 80k. Wanted something someone else had worked the bugs out of. My 2001 National now has 109k and no troubles. Used if well maintained is going to get you more for your money. How you are going to use it will make a big difference between a C or an A. If you are buying from a dealer you can often get a warranty also.
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