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  1. So none of my appliance or an electrical items shouldn't be replaced. My refrigerator is going on and off there was smoke pouring out of the furnace hot water heater area and Ac won't turn on. Are there going to b future problems from this incident and should I just these items replaced to b safe.
  2. Thanks huffy puff I did contact insurance .my electrican is taking responsiblity for it. But some mechanics are telling me that camper should b totaled and the guy looked at it thinks he will just replace every melted and burned bulbs in camper and call it done that scares me and my wife for the fire concerns.
  3. Yes I understand wolfe10. But the camper will never be the same and the electronics have been compromised . Future can arise from incident according to others I spoke with do you agree. And what would you do in this case? Thanks.
  4. The black and white wire were attached to double pole 50 amp breaker in box. My buddy came and removed white wire and put it in the bus bar then we had proper 120. He is very familiar with electrical service and he feels with the amount of time that it was hooked up may have done serious damage to camper wiring appliances etc. I feel my camper should be totaled or all electrical be replaced.
  5. Sorry for the delay in my response. I have a 50 amp service and it was wired wrong. I ran the 50 amp service into RV and basically fried everything . I'm worried about interior wiring melting insulation on wire an causes fires etc. RV mechanic assures me everything will be alright but after talking to others they don't have the same opinion. I feel camper should be rewired and electrical devices should be replaced. Some input would be great.
  6. Had electrician put 50 amp service and ran 220 to the outlet. Smoked batteries boiled appliances were destroyed. Service tech said he can fix it by replacing a couple bulbs all bulbs were blown out I am afraid the camper should be total due to safety issues and wires burned inside of walls.
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