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  1. I’ve been towing a 2017 grand Cherokee since 2017. I’ve only had it happen once making a right hand turn at a slow speed when I first started. I follow the instructions but since then also leave the key farb in the center cupholder. It makes the car think I’m in it. Of course I take it out when we stop. I use the invisible brake system. For me, it works.
  2. I have had the Roadmaster InvisiBrake installed in my just purchased 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD. I had a RV repair facility in North Jersey. that installed it supply a battery charge line for the Jeep. I needed the RV coach running lights or headlights on for the brake to work. When I made a slow right and /or left turn I experienced the wobble and it stopped when I applied the brake. Thank God they were slow turns make from a stop light.Then about 10 or 15 minutes later the InvisiBrake failed to respond, I stopped and checked the connections and they were intact. I reset the Jeep and continued on my trip and again after 10 or 15 minutes the Invisibrake failed to respond. This continued to happen until we arrived home. I dropped the RV and the Jeep back to the shop and after a day of testing they had to order a Roadmaster stop light switch (Roadmaster part number751449)cost $59.50. they said that Jeep Grand Cherikees with push button ignition instead of a turnkey ignition after a period of time shuts all the power off in the jeep thereby shutting off the InvisiBrake system. After a day they received the part and two more hour worth of installing and testing it now works fine. I was not able to find any documentation by Jeep or Rooadmaster of the need for this Roadmaster stop light switch. My Jeep dealer could not find and information about the wiring harness. Lenny Hennig Teaneck New Jersey 2014 Thor Tuscany 45MT 450 Cummins, Freightliner Chassis 2017 jeep Grand Cherokee LTD .
  3. can you tell me the MOPAR part number for the wiring harness for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? Thank You Lenny Hennig 2014 Thor Tuscany 44MT
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